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This paper will show that the law is not equally distributed amongst different economic classes. Crack vs Cocaine are both derived from cocaine yet the free base form is cheaper and more available to the lower social-economic class yet the punishment is outrageously disproportionate.
Those who have been charger in both classes, wealthy and poor are both promised a fair and speedy trial yet they aren’t given the same resources due to financial means.
Separate but equal
There are multiple issues that concern me in the criminal justice system. However one stands out above the rest, as it has been a problem since the establishment of our country, and although it has greatly changed; the fact that it exists is still shocking and disheartening. Laws are not equally created and punishment is not equally distributed amongst people of different economic class. Laws benefit the wealthy people while punishing the lower economic class. The outright ...view middle of the document...

Poverty and long-term unemployment have had a significant effect on negative consequences. Overcrowded houses, poor health, post-traumatic stress disorder, family drama, teen pregnancy, school dropout, violence, crime, and drug and alcohol abuse, were some of the typical factors that African Americans faced on a daily basis. Most of these issues are the direct consequences of structural disadvantage. “During the early 1980s, some cocaine users (especially drug dealers) started to smoke freebase, a costly and challenging process involving mixing powder cocaine with ether over an open flame (Hamid, 1992). Crack cocaine represented an innovation that allowed users to conveniently smoke cocaine vapors on a low cost-per-dose basis. During the mid-1980s, the use of crack spread widely, especially in inner-city New York. Use was quite common in other American cities, although the timing of the crack era and prevalence varied across locations.” (Dunlap, Golub, & Johnson, 2008)
For many, continual crack use became an obsession that dominated their lives. Many crack users planned their lives around their substance abuse. Devoted crack users sold drugs, were dedicated to several hustles, while lying and stealing from close friends and family just to support their awful habits. “Crack markets emerged in the inner city to serve users 24/7 (Bourgois, 1995; Jacobs, 1999; Johnson, Dunlap & Tourigny, 2000; Williams, 1989). Wealthier customers would come to these markets, bringing much needed cash into impoverished communities and providing illegal jobs for many inner-city residents as dealers and in other drug distribution roles. These growing crack markets were associated with increased levels of violence in the inner city. Unfortunately, most low-level dealers and operatives ended up consuming their profits through their own growing drug habits without having saved any of their money. For many, crack use became an obsession, dominated their lives, and superseded family responsibilities.” (Bourgois, 1995; Jacobs, 1999; Johnson, Dunlap & Tourigny, 2000; Williams, 1989).
A New York Times article titled “Rich vs. Poor: Drug Patterns Are Diverging” grabbed my attention the article goes into depth about how

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