Separating California Through Education Essay

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The state of California's public school system is currently in astate of total desperation as we now find ourselves struggling withthe economic slashes of Governor Arnold Schwarznegger's budgetproposal which severely cripples the revenue allocated to our publicschools. With California's rising population of students we are nowdesperately trying to accommodate for their arrival. But with thesedrastic limitations it is becoming more and more difficult to provideour students with the vital resources necessary for the preparationof our future California working force, and ultimately our globaleconomy. According to California state treasurer Phil Angelideshe, "believes strongly that our economic strength in the future willbe based in large part on the investments we make today in theeducation of our young people." His beliefs, though once thought ofas the educational norm around the United States, are now felt withlittle optimism in the eyes of Californians as we now face diminishededucational institutions that are constantly struggling to provideadequate education while sacrificing programs and resources whichpromote both ethnic diversity and higher levels of self esteem.These programs include sports, arts, counseling, and universityoutreach programs.According to our governor this sacrifice is necessary. Tofulfill his "no-tax" pledge to the people of California it isnecessary to make these cuts at the expense of the California studentpopulation. But what is now emerging is a state whose public schoolsystem is slowly evolving into a collection of private institutionsas they are now forced to find ways to generate their own revenue tomake up for their growing losses. Furthermore, it is widening thegap between the low and mid class citizens with the upper class, aspoor, underprivileged school districts are scrambling to provideresources that stay current with the changing times.Unfortunately, we are in the midst of a governor who, in hispolitical campaign, stressed the importance of, "...expanding the dreamof college," and yet still finds time to override our stateconstitutional right to education by redistributing funds else ware.In the California Constitution in article 16/ Sec. 8 on publicfinance, "From all state revenues there shall first be set apart themoneys to be applied by the State for support of the public schoolsystem and public institutions of higher education." By GovernorScharznegger turning a deaf ear to the constitution we find ourselvesfalling rapidly behind the rest of the United States in education.California's per pupil spending in elementary and secondary schoolsis around $6,500, up from $6,161 in 2002, but still doesn't match upto states such as Connecticut and Rhode Island (who both averaged$9,136 and $9,265 in per pupil spending in 2002 respectively).Obviously the idea of educating our youth is taking a back seat onour priority list when it should at the helm leading us into the 21stcentury.The lack of funding being allocated to...

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