Separating The Student From The Athlete

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Every athlete dreams of playing professional at some point during their young adolescent career, but in reality a person has a greater chance of dying in a plane crash than becoming a professional athlete. Most people don’t have the skills to make it in the pros but for the few who do there is a controversial decision that needs to be made whether to go to college or go straight to the pros. Although some sports such as football and basketball require a waiting period after graduation from high school but base does not have such requirements. More athletes are trying to cheat the system so they don’t have to go to college. A new system could be beneficial because it would give financially troubled kids an opportunity to get paid in the pros and underdeveloped athletes a chance to develop in college. Parents and teachers have preached that getting an education is important since students first entered Kindergarten. Although there is proof that athletes have endured success from both pathways, academics and athletics, it’s the financially safe and most logical choice for a student athlete to solidify his or her future after athletics. Becoming a professional athlete is a high-risk high reward situation but receiving a college education lowers that risk. A college education could potentially increase the knowledge further to enhance their athletic abilities intellectually also (Clary Dec. 13, 2009). Most of the time if the athlete is good enough to go pro it’s likely that they have athletic full–ride scholarships from major college programs. With college expenses the way they are today one might argue that this is a better deal especially if the chance of going pro remains after the athlete graduates from college. After retiring from the sport the athlete had been participating in after college they could use that knowledge to further expand their wealth if they received a business degree or could take the road of coaching if they majored in a social science (Dinardo Aug. 27, 2011).
There is also a maturity factor with athletes going pro right after high school. 18 year olds are still considered not fully matured and are still growing psychologically. An example of this is the age that the military starts enlisting. Most of the people that they enlist are kids who just graduated high school. The reasoning behind this is that an 18 year old is more likely to make this decision than a 21 year old. Most people at the age of 18 usually don’t have any experience on managing money. Large sums of money or attention could potentially poison ones mind into making irrational decisions, which could jeopardize the athlete’s career (Clary Dec. 13, 2009). It has been scientifically proven that handling large sums of money can make a person feel invincible and above the law. By going to college they would be required to take a class on managing money (Belluck).
Parents of the athlete could also get caught up in the fame and fortune that their child has endured...

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