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Seperation Of Government And Religion Essay

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Faith groups and institutions should not be allowed to form political parties and they should not attempt to gain influence in the workings of government for their views and values by entering the realm of political discourse and attempting to elect their own politicians.
Throughout our history there has been an ongoing argument between religion and government. Should religion play a part in the government, schools and other social compasses or should it be separated? Some believe that religion should be a part of the government while others believe that there should be a distinct separation. Some believe that religions should be able to influence the workings of the government and attempt to elect their own politicians. I believe the opposite. I believe that religion should have no influence on the way our government approves laws, elects officials or conducts their business. Throughout this essay I will give reasons and references as to why I agree with the separation of government and religion.
Some examples of conflict that have occurred in America are as follows: same sex marriages, abortion, in-virto fertilization and equal rights between the sexes (The Coalition for the Free Exercise of Religion, n.d). If religion were to rule our nation these issues would be illegal simply because of the Bible. One of the great things about our nation is having individual choices like the issues listed above. People shouldn’t be judged or persecuted simply because they might not have the same religious beliefs as another.
There is a significant difference between government and religious morals even though both are ethical authorities. These two moral authorities conflict with one another while both are to help people make sound decisions (Mason, C., & Galusha, R, n.d.). Government authority consists of laws that are created to influence people from committing crimes and make sound moral and ethical decisions. Religious authority is determined by God. Religious authority also guides people to determine the best moral decision and action.
America is a country that does not have a declared state religion instead we are a nation of numerous religions and beliefs. We are supposed to be the motherland of tolerance and freedom of differences. In America there are approximately 67 million Roman Catholics; 16 million Protestants; five million Mormons; and five million and a quarter non-Christians (Clausen, 2007). This is a small indication of the differences that America inspires. It shows some of the different religions in our country and that religion shouldn’t be pushed on others. There isn’t a way for the government and faith groups to be intertwined in a way that will respect the abundance of religions in America. The only way I see to accomplish that is to separate it as we have been doing. Our society cannot respect all religions if there is only one that the government follows and includes within their decisions. The separation is...

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