September 11, 2001 And How Americans Exploited It, Who They Placed The Blame On, And What Things They Didn't Take Into Consideration.

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The importance of September 11, 2001, will never be disputed in the minds of Americans all over the country after the horrific terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC. What may have been the date of celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, will now forever be a day of mourning and remembrance of the worst attack on United States soil. Americans began their day like any other, oblivious to the fact that life as we knew it would never be the same. The country was in disbelief as we watched American Airline flight 11 hit the World Trade Center's north tower at 8:46 AM, and then United flight 175 crash into the 84th floor of the south tower at 9:03 AM. We watched the gigantic fireball created by the second plane as it pierced the building's steel and concrete frame, and we saw our nation's sense of security go up in flames with it.What we saw as horrifying and devastating, the television media saw as their gold mine and seized this "opportunity," creating a media circus that continued almost non-stop during the following months. The majority of Americans, dumbfounded and in a state of confusion of these unspeakable events, ravenously consumed every sound bite that the television news channels could produce, regardless of the legitimacy of the reporting. Desperately seeking answers and conclusions, we relentlessly sat in front of the television, listened to the radio, and read every article, craving anything and everything that the media fed us. The frenzy of the news media for ratings combined with America's irrationality caused by the events of September 11, created a wave of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiment that swept the country.Post September 11 hate crimes were reported all over the nation as some Americans foolishly took justice into their own hands. In such a time of hostility and uncertainty, we rely on the news media to provide us with legitimate, well-researched, un-biased information but instead we watched the vast news corporations exploit one of the most devastating events in world history. And we watched some of our fellow citizens, blinded by rage and ignorance, commit acts of hate equivalent to the actions of the terrorists that they so doggedly renounced.As events unfolded, the public's dependence on the media became stronger than ever and American news corporations were very aware of that fact. The media took advantage of the vulnerable state that this country was in and manipulated our minds with new "angles" that they believed would get the ratings they needed; they perpetuated the soar opera of 9/11 for months to come.CBS's Dan Rather was the first to allude to these events in the context of war, calling September 11 "the new face of war". CNN's Jeff Greenfield compared the casualties of that Tuesday's tragedies to those of Pearl Harbor and the Civil War. As we continued to watch the news on television, our ears and minds were bombarded by phrases such as "the day of infamy," once again relating the...

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