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It has been nearly six months since the tragic day of September 11, 2001, and the entire nation has become a truly different place. In the wake of the disaster, we have had to change the way we do things. In particular, the overall security of our nation has taken on an entirely new meaning. From the airport security to the resent Olympic security, they are all on heightened alert. The boost in security has also affected electric companies and nuclear power companies. In general, I feel this recent rise in security has made the United States a safer place to live.For about the first month after the attacks, it was really hard for me to digest what had gone on, and the impact was not yet known. It was about a month after these thoughts that it truly sunk in. I was flying out West to visit my grandparents, and it was at this time I really noticed the change. Even before I reached the airport, my heart was filled with anxiety. Once in the airport, the change was definitely evident. It seemed that with every corner I turned there was some type of security officer nearby. Although the enhanced security made me feel somewhat better, I had still yet to board the plane. Indeed, boarding the plane was difficult, but after the plane was in the air I felt much better. I also noticed that the trip home was even less stressful, it was just getting over that first time. Like myself, I feel after the attacks many people had to encounter that first nerve racking trip to the airport.Although my thoughts at the airport were filled with anxiety, I feel much safer at home in the Midwest. My feelings are due to our relatively centralized location, and the enhanced national security. Indiana has a very centralized location, besides Canada to the north; we are quite a distance from either coast. I understand that this does not mean we could still not be attacked because the anthrax scare did reach Indianapolis, but a terrorist attack in our area is less likely. The coastal towns such as New York and Los Angeles are far more populated, making them more desirable targets. It is not only our location but the boost in security makes me feel safer. After the attacks, there have been some extraordinary advances in security. For instance, President Bush even added a new cabinet...

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