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September 11th Attack On America Essay

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For most American’s their Tuesday morning on September 11, 2001 started off like any other week day. Families were doing their normal routine taking their children to school and heading off to work within hours may people would be participating in un- thought of duties. No one had any idea that by the end of the day what seemed like a normal Tuesday would forever be remembered in American history. Within minutes of 8:46 AM all Americans would know that this was not a normal Tuesday. This day would hold not one, but four attempted terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda on the United States. Two attacks on the World Trade Center, one attack on the Pentagon, and a failed attempt on the White House.
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It was horrendous. At first I did a double take, because the buildings were 110 stories tall. I thought. Oh man, something’s coming down. At first it was like a little speck. Then I realized it was a human being. People jumped alone and in groups, and, at one point, they said twenty people held hands and jumped. I can’t imagine what hell it must have been in there, with jumping being their only alternative. I can’t imagine the fierceness of that fire. I heard later that one guy e-mailed his mother and said, “Mom, I have to jump. I hope you understand. “In some cases, the windows were gone and people were holding on to the edge. At a certain point, I think it just got too hot and they had to let go. (Tobin 199)
The third attack happened at 9:37 AM ET when American Airlines Flight 77 strikes the Pentagon. American Airlines Flight 77 was also in flight to Los Angeles. As the two attacks previous this flight also had 5 hijackers aboard. The hijackers aboard Flight 77 were Alhazmi, Nawaf, Alhazmi, Salem, Almindar, Khalid, Hamjour, Hani, and Moged, Majed.
At approximately 9:59 AM ET the south tower collapses within a matter of about 10 seconds trapping many civilians and emergency personnel under the rubble. People watched on their televisions as this entire event unfolded. Of the lives taken on this tragic day in history 343 New York City firefighters, 23 New York city police officers, and 37 port authority officers due to the initial attacks or the collapse of the buildings.
The last attack was at 10:03 AM ET when United Airlines Flight 93 in flight to San Francisco is hijacked and heads for the White House. However, Flight 93 never ended up at either destination, but instead...

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