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Septic Tank And Sewer System Analysis In Nobelton, King City, Ontario, Canada

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The community that is focused on this report is called Nobelton and it’s situated within King City at the intersection of Highway 27 & King Road. The sewer services were provided through on-site septic tanks in this community. The purpose of this report is to propose a well-designed sanitary system instead of the septic tanks for the distribution of sewer services at Wellington Street conduct an assessment of possibility of connecting it to existing sanitary systems on Ellis Avenue. Ellis Avenue already has an existing sewer system and the trunk, which has enough capacity to withhold new sewer system connection. The proposal was proposed due to the problems such as septic tank leakage, sanitary system reliability amongst subdivisions and due to the effects that are cause by septic tanks when placed on an environment.
When developing a subdivision, execution of sanitary sewer systems is a critical component. This new sanitary system is to be implemented in Nobelton where the subdivisions have a septic tank and do not contain proper sewer systems. Due to the increase in number of dwelling units in the area, a well-designed sanitary system is required to avoid the septic tank failures. By designing a new well-designed sanitary system instead of on-site septic tanks will help in eliminating the environmental problems such as the leakage of sewer contents into the surroundings as a result of failure and aging of septic of septic tanks. Septic tanks also considered as an outdated technology that is no longer effective due to modern technology and its high cost and difficulties of maintenance.

1.1 Back ground
King City is presently overhauled with septic tanks for sewer services purposes. The proposal is to replace the septic tanks with sanitary sewer systems and to explore and conduct an evaluation study to find the possibility of connecting it to the existing sanitary systems placed on Ellis Avenue. The capacity of the existing sewer system's trunk is enough to withhold another sewer connection. Since septic tanks being an outdated technology with high cost maintenance they can be replaced by the new well-designed sewer system. The new sanitary system will help the community in having healthy environment and future development purposes through appropriately providing the sewer services and managing the sewer contents well.

1.2 Methodology

The septic tanks installed in King City are almost 40 years old and studies taken over the past 10 years shows that more than 25 percent of the lots facing problems regarding the underlying clay soils in the area.
A study conducted by R.V. Anderson Associates Limited, and Gartner Lee Limited in 2014 was based on air photo interpretation that 25 percent of the developed lots show wet conditions potentially because of the moisture-stressed septic systems. Another door-to-door survey of 206 lots identified 30 percent of the lots having potential issues with septic tank leakage. Homeowners...

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