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Sergey Lavror's Path To His Career Position

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Sergey Lavror is the master of timing. He knows when to use a delay tactic, when to stall, but also when to attack and push for his interest (or/and Russia's). He is the body block for Russia's opposition to American interventionism. Sergey Lavror graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations in 1972 and moved to New York in 1981 to work at the United Nations. He approached the Geneva negotiation as the more experienced, more familiar with issue. He assisted in Iraqi arms inspections, where he has seen biochemical weapons as well as what they can do. What defines Sergey Lavrov as a negotiator is the aura he emits. He is the classic old-timer, a negotiator of the previous era. He is recognizable by his deep voice, bulldoggish appearance and attributes - the cigar and the drink. Even though Kofi Annan tried to ban smoking in the UN Sergey Lavrov persistently defied the ban, noting that Mr Annan "doesn't own the building". He speaks perfect English but still he often refuses to use it, insisting on speaking Russian during the press conferences.

Where Sergey Lavrov is the main player for John Kerry his own position came through years of climbing and falling down from the American political pyramid. He was always a sidekick - a second choice. He is the former Democratic presidential nominee - eventually losing to George W. Bush in 2004. He was not even the first choice for the position he occupies - the Secretary of State. But Barack Obama's first choice Susan Rice has been blocked by Republicans. John Kerry only was approved, cause for Republicans that would mean he would vacate his seat in the senate - giving opportunity for the Republican candidate to fill it.

In a way Syria was a chance for John Kerry to shine - prove that he is worth the job. Where Lavrov comes as the dominant Kerry comes as the pragmiatist. Accused of being flegmatic he still manages to communicate the message strongly when he needs to, putting emphasis on particular words.

Starting position:
On August 21 of 2013 the Syrian Government military forces have fired several rockets containing chemical agent sarin at the Ghouta suburb of Damascaus. That suburb was believed to be a Syrian Rebel stronghold. Estimates vary significantly – from 281 to 1,729 fatalities as a result of the attack.

What defines USA's starting position and made it so complicated and strenuous is the unfortunate comment that Barrack Obama made one year prior. Commenting on what would push USA into using military force he said that "the red line" will be for him when he "sees some chemical weapons being moved around". This meant that any use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime will be like a trigger for American military.
When eventually Assad used chemical weapons American had to act to prove that their threats are real and are not just talk. USA not only had international interest on its mind but also its pride and international respect.
Russia starting position comes largely...

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