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Serial Killer Essay

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Chapter Two: Definition of a Serial Killer
Serial killers are people who kill three or more victims over a period of more than thirty days with a cooling off period between each murder. Their murders usually have some of the same characteristics.
People who kill for fun usually have some type of mental illness. Their crimes could have maybe been prevented if their diseases were treated in time. The disease of psychopath is the least treated. Some killers often plead not guilty by reason of insanity. It needs to be proven, though, that they did not know the difference between right and wrong. Even if a killer is found not guilty by mental deficit, he/she cannot go free.
There are three categories of serial killers: Organized Killers, Disorganized Killers and Medical Killers. Organized killers are the hardest killers to catch because of their intelligence and organization. Every detail of their murder is planned out and they make sure to leave no evidence left behind. They often will watch their victims for several days before they trick them into leaving with them. They take great pride in their “work” and pay close attention to the stories in the media.
Disorganized killers rarely plan out the murders in their victims. They strike at random whenever an opportunity arises. They tend to move from town to town and do not take the precautions to cover up their tracks. They usually have low IQ’s and are antisocial. Disorganized killers do not usually have close friends or family.
The Medical Killer is extremely rare but there have been cases where people have carried out their serial murders through medicine. One such individual was Harold Shipman which I will go into further detail later in this thesis. They feel they have the perfect cover because many people die in hospitals. They are highly intelligent and know how to make a murder look like an accident or natural death.
When serial killers murder their victims, they do not see them as a person or even someone who is alive; they see them as inanimate objects. Serial killers pick victims who are the most vulnerable. A number of the victims are those that the killer thinks would not be missed, such as prostitutes, drug addicts, and homeless people. The killers sometimes think they are doing the world a favor by getting rid of them.
There is often a link between the crime and what the serial killer experienced as children. The three warning signs as children are starting fires, cruelty to animals, and bed wetting. They can turn into thrill seekers, thinking the hunt and kill is a fun game. Most serial killers love media attention and like to keep the police guessing. Some serial killers often felt powerless as kids. They make up for it by controlling their victims and making them feel just as powerless as when they were a kid (Martin, 2007).
A serial killer has killed a thousand times in his/her head and has been waiting for the opportunity to put his/her fantasy into action.
There is a...

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