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Serial Killer Project Essay

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Born on December 25th 1932, Janie Lou Gibbs attained an average life style in Cordele, Georgia. She was a mother to three children and wife to Charles Gibbs and attended church regularly. The community of Cordele adored her. It was a life everyone was accustomed to and there were no obvious signs that Janie Lou Gibbs had taken part in the murders of her family.
It was said to be a strange night on January 21st, 1966. After a home cooked meal in the Gibbs’ household, Charles Clayton Gibbs collapsed. He was hurriedly rushed to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, he passed away the same night he collapsed; leaving the Gibbs is a mournful state. The doctors had classified the illness as ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, just a few months after his youngest brother’s funeral, he also became sickly just like his brother and father. This was quite unusual considering Marvin was a very healthy boy. He complained about having headaches, which worsened to dizzy spells. With no explanation, he died on January 23rd, 1967 at sixteen years old. He died from a rare muscular disorder according to doctors. The people of Cordele still did not question just what was going on with Janie Gibbs’ family, so they continued to donate and mourn for Janie. Three deaths have already occurred, but when Janie’s oldest son becomes a father, it was hoped by friends of Janie that there was a light at the end of the tunnel for the Gibbs.
Ronnie Edward Gibbs was born on September 3rd, 1967. He was the son of Roger Ludean Gibbs, which was the son of Janie and Charles Gibbs. He was born a vigorous baby with no medical issues, so it was a complete shock to Cordele when he had too become ill. He died on October 7th, 1967, making him barely just one month old. With four people dead in the Gibbs family, that meant there were two left. But it wasn’t long until that changed.
Roger Ludean Gibbs was the oldest of Janie and Charles’ sons. Not even a month after his infant son died that he became ill as well. He passed away on October 28th, 1967. The mother of Ronnie and the wife Roger became extremely suspicious, as there had been 5 deaths in the past two years. She requested an autopsy on Roger; which was extremely detrimental to the imprisonment of Janie Lou Gibbs.
When Roger Gibbs’ body was examined, they noticed fatal amounts of rat poison throughout his body. Considering that it was everywhere in his body, it had to have been ingested somehow. Roger was considered a very happy man, which means that it was unlikely that he poisoned himself. This led to the examination of the other 4 members of the Gibbs’ family, and the results are appalling.
Investigators exhumed the bodies of Charles, Marvin, Melvin and Ronnie immediately at the Sunnyside Cemetery in Cordele, Georgia. The arsenic (rat poison) was found in all 5 bodies; the same as the poison found it Roger’s body. The rat poison was a discrete way of killing the Gibbs’ family because it can easily be put into food and water and it slowly kills each victim, making it look like a natural death rather than a murder.
During the 1960’s, it wasn’t necessary or implemented to perform autopsies on victims. This was the only evidence leading to prove that this had been a chain of murders rather than diseases that ran in the family. It wasn’t hard to convict Janie Lou Gibbs of murdering her entire family. When the...

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