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Serial Killers And Criminal Justice Essay

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Most of the time people cannot comprehend why people that work in the forensic department are sometimes overwrought with anxiety when they have a serial killer case brought into their lab. These forensic scientists have these feeling due to knowing that this could potentially help advance technology. Over the years, serial killers have unpremeditatedly helped further advance the criminal investigation process by unintentionally leaving things behind for a forensics team to analyze. When the team finally solves these cases, it continually propels things such as DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) analysis, finger print techniques, and not to mention the investigation process itself.
Countless serial killers have had an abnormal childhood; many people believe this is where the catalyst of events starts. It is proven, that more often than not, serial killers have either lived in an inhabitable home, had lackadaisical parents, or could ...view middle of the document...

In his case it was undoubtedly noticeable that there was an issue, yet his caretakers were not mindful of these issues. However, not all cases are the same. For example, Gacy’s father, John Gacy, Sr., was an alcoholic tyrant. “He made no effort to conceal his disappointment with the son who bore his name, inflicting brutal beatings for the least offense, occasionally picking up the boy and hurling him across the room” (Newton 85). These problems have been linked to their social issues, mental disorders, and masseurs that they contributed to. Due to these unambiguous health circulations, modern day forensics science has pushed forward in an attempt to put a halt to each and every outburst.
While trying to attempt to terminate any and every outpour of mass killings, forensic scientists have tremendously improved the section of DNA analysis since research in the year 1985 when this process what first introduced. Initially, DNA samples that we small or degraded were beyond. Yet, new technology has now made it able for scientist to make a positive match with older and even minute samples. This means that it is now possible to match a strand of hair or saliva from the back of a postage stamp and off the ring of a coffee cup. As a Result of this, the government can now have an ample data base of people’s DNA on file, this was when investigators are looking for a killer or a rapist and they have a sample of their DNA, they can use one of the countless techniques used to find a match. “If we find the same seamen DNA in different rape cases, we can conclude that we’re dealing with a serial rapist” (Ctcase 4). “In addition, DNA has ended the careers of serial rapist and serial killers” (Ctcase 4). This being said, there are many things that have contributed to ending their careers. Another one of the main contributors would be the specialization of forensic scientist with fingerprints.
Fingerprints are one of the most beneficial things that one can have as evidence. Fingerprints are one of a kind, which means that they accepted by the any part of the judicial branch of the government as evidence to link and identify any suspects or killers to being at the crime scene.

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