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Serial Killers And Mass Murderers Essay

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What exactly is a serial killer? Is a serial killer the same as a mass murderer? This is one of the issues that will be discussed along with why serial killers kill people, what kind of people usually become serial killers and any other issues that come up. So how do you define the difference between what a serial killer is and mass murderer? The answer is simple we look at two things, the amount of time the person kills over and the reasoning behind why this person is committing murders.Serial killers are individuals who are known for slaying multiple victims. These victims are not usually known by the serial killer but rather are killed all for the same reason. Serial killers often kill because of something that happens to them in their childhood which is often related to child abuse or molestation. So where does the term serial killer come from? The term "serial killer" was made up by the FBI back in the 1970's. This term was made so that the FBI and other people could place serial killers in a different category than mass murderers and spree killers. A spree killer is someone who goes on a spree of killings "they kill multiple locations with very little time between the murders." Serial killers usually kill over a long period of time, even years between murders while mass murderers usually just kill in one location to make a statement about something. Serial killers usually have some sort of sexual motive for their killing, whereas mass murderers do not.There are a few types of serial killers. They include the following;1. The Visionary Motive TypeThis type of serial killer almost always suffers from psychoses. They kill at the command of hallucinated voices.2. Mission-Oriented TypeThis type displays no psychosis to the outside world, while on the inside the killer has a need to rid the outside world of what he considers immoral or unworthy. This type of killer will select a certain group of individuals to kill (prostitutes, young women, gay men, children etc.)3. Thrill-Oriented TypeThis type is in it for the fun. This killer gets a high from killing. He is very sadistic and kills for excitement. This type kills to gain pleasure from raping or having sex with the corpse, mutilating the corpse or drinking blood. Most cannibals fall under this category. Killing is less important than the acts that accompany the murder.4. Lust KillerThis type is a sexual killer, and kills for the pure turn-on. The amount of pleasure the killer derives depends on how much they torture their victim. The more heinous the torture, the more aroused they become. This type is in touch with reality.Serial killers usually kill their victims over the course of many years. They usually choose their victims who are not a threat to them and are vulnerable. This makes it easier for them to commit their devious acts and murder, rape, or molest. They normally choose women or children for the simple reason that they are not usually able to defend themselves that well. Serial...

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