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Serial Killers: The Homolka Case Essay

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Synopsis of Homolka Case

Karla Homolka is a Canadian convicted serial killer. In May of 1993, after working out a plea bargain with the Crown, she was sentenced to 12 years with 2 counts of manslaughter, to which she pleaded guilty in exchange for testifying against her husband and partner in crime, Paul Bernardo. Without her testimony, there would not have been enough evidence to convict him. In 1991, Homolka took part in the rape-murder of 14 year old Leslie Mahaffy and then the rape-murder of 15 year old Kristen French in 1992. Bernardo was convicted on 2 charges each of kidnapping, unlawful confinement, aggravated sexual assault and first degree murders and then on one count of ...view middle of the document...

Catharines. On June 7th, Karla treated “Jane” to a ‘girl’s night out’, shopping and dining. Karla invited her over to her house, and she began slipping Halcion in “Jane’s” drinks. Once “Jane” was unconscious, Karla called Paul over to see his early wedding gift. Paul then videotaped as Karla and he raped the girl’s unconscious body. “Jane” awoke the next morning sore, sick and oblivious to the previous night’s events.
This scenario occurred a second time in August of 1991, once again “Jane” remained oblivious. The last they heard of her was in December of 1992 when she visited and Karla tried to pressure her into having sex with Paul. “Jane” got upset and left.

Leslie Mahaffy (raped, murdered, dismembered)
In June of 1991, Bernardo was out in Burlington stealing license plates one early morning, for smuggling cigarettes over the border as his form of income, when he spotted young Leslie Mahaffy. He approached her and lured her back to his car with the promise of cigarettes. He then blindfolded her and kidnapped her, then returned home to show Karla his new toy. Karla actively participated in sexually assaulting and raping the girl, and she enjoyed it, as proved on Paul’s videotapes (later discussed under “Key Evidence”). Paul feared Mahaffy would be able to identify them if they let her go alive so they killed her, dismembered her, and encased each piece in cement, which they then disposed one block at a time in Lake Gibson. One block was found by a fisherman and her orthodontic appliance identified her.
5 days later, Karla and Paul enjoyed their lavish wedding, which Paul saw as a business opportunity to profit from the generous gifts.

Kristen French (raped and murdered)
On April 16 of 1992 in St. Catharine’s, Bernardo and Homolka kidnapped Kristen French. They had been out driving, specifically looking for their next victim. Karla had gotten out of the car with a map in her hands, pretending to need directions. Paul got out of the driver’s side and forced Kristen into the back of the car with a knife. Kristen’s parents were awaiting her timely arrival at home, and when she did not arrive, they notified the police. Within 24 hours, search teams had found one of her shoes at the location of abduction, and witnessed had reported what they had seen.
Karla and Paul raped, assaulted and tortured Kristen for the next three days, all on video camera. They forced her to drink lots of alcohol and behave submissively to Bernardo. On the fourth day, they killed Kristen. Bernardo claims that Homolka killed Kristen by beating her with a rubber mallet, but Homolka insists it was Bernardo who strangled Kristen for 7 minutes with a wire. The couple then ditched Kristen’s body on the roadside. She was discovered April 30th 1992. She was nude and shaved bald to impede identification.

Crown Case Defence Case

After Bernardo brutally beat Karla in January of 1993,...

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