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Serial Position Effect On Superbowl Commercials

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Serial position effects have been studied extensively in cognitive psychology research (Cowan et al, 2002). When people are shown a list of items people are more likely to remember the items presented either at the beginning of the list or at the end. This occurrence was named the primacy and recency effects. (Stewart et al., 2004). Serial positions effects can alter a consumer’s memory which in turn can alter their behavior when purchasing items. Although this is true, past research has not investigated and used primacy and recency effects for marketing purposes. In other words, when the consumer is presented with different options which one will the consumer remember; the first commercial pod, the last one or the middle one? Only a few researchers have attempted to investigate the primacy and recency effects for television commercials, either in a naturalistic or laboratory situation (e.g., Peiters and Bijmolt, 1997 and Bijmolt, 1997;Zhao, 1997; Newell and Henderson, 1998; Newell and Wu, 2003;Terry,2005). In previous research serial position effects have only been investigated at the micro level. In other words, the serial position, of each commercial within each commercial pod was analyzed; this is the micro-level test. Another analysis test was done, at the macro level test. This test took into consideration the serial position effect of each commercial pod within the whole 2006 Super Bowl game Broadcast; this was the macro level test. For the purpose of this critique, I will focus on the macro-level test.
Advertisers and researchers have reviewed Super Bowl commercials since they are very popular among viewers and highly profitable for networks. Programming the ads becomes a major responsibility for broadcasters. Marketers pay exceptionally high rates for the airtime. Numerous studies have investigated serial positioning on viewers’ brand memory and demonstrated a primacy effect regarding better recall for commercials appearing at earlier positions of a pod. Networks should use...

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