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Server Wages In America Essay

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The dining experience in America is a completely unique one. We all rely on our waiter or waitress when we go out to a sit down restaurant to take care of our needs. Many people do not realize the amount of work their server does for them in the hour they sit at that table, causing servers to be grossly under paid in comparison to other tipped professions. Server minimum wage should be raised because it is inconsistent payment, it is a poorly understood tradition, and it is a contributing factor in the stress levels of the servers.
Server minimum wage should be raised because tips are too inconsistent of a payment option for people to be able to live off of comfortably. In most states ...view middle of the document...

(McCarty, Shrum and Conrad-Katz) Influences on tipping can drastically change how much a server will make in a night, meaning sometimes the amount of traffic through the restaurant is not the problem.
These simple truths show that tipping and why it is done is a barely understood tradition. The custom of tipping may date all the way back to early Rome, and was meant as a thank you to the service person that many knew was paid poorly. (McCarty, Shrum and Conrad-Katz) Somewhere between early Rome and the current century employers of the service industry realized that if the employees were tipped they could pay them less. Unfortunately this led to many of the people who were tipping the employees to change their reasoning behind tipping. Where in the days of Rome tipping was a form of gratitude it has now been contorted to be out of guilt and fear of what the server may be thinking of them if they leave a less than par tip. That is why the number of people who go out to eat and tip is at ninety-eight percent (The US Tip System) because many people feel guilty if they don’t tip even on poor service. The true problem is that many people don’t know how much to tip and that five dollars is not always a sufficient tip. The standard tipping rate is between fifteen and twenty percent (United) but many people think that it should still be ten percent. Therefore they only tip that much to make their own justice statement, unable to realize that them tipping less does nothing except hurt the servers average for the night.
Lastly, the inconsistency of tips and the fact that it is a poorly understood tradition paired with the low minimum wage attributes to servers and their stress levels. Servers are much more likely to be stressed out about their jobs than most professions. It was found that tipped employees see a larger relationship...

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