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Servic Level Essay

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Operations Support Guide SUBJECT \* MERGEFORMAT Project Name
Ministry of[Complete file/properties to populate fields on this page and in the document headers]Project NameProject #:Operations Support GuidePrepared by: Author's NamePrepared for:Date Submitted: [Date]Project Sponsor: Project SponsorClient Acceptor:Project Manager:Document Number: 6450-20/Project Number /OSGSecurity Classification: LowVersion: 1.2Last Updated: October 28, 2004Creation Date: May 8, 2003Table of Contents2Table of Contents 31. Introduction 31.1 Purpose 31.2 In Scope 31.3 Out of scope 31.4 Intended audience 42. Roles and responsibilities for Maintenance and Support of 42.1 Service levels 52.2 Roles and Responsibilities 63. Release Planning Process 74. Back up and recovery 85. Application Change Management 85.1 Application Promotion Model 85.2 Application Related Containers and Database Schemas 85.3 Application Release Management 106. Metadata Change Management 117. Known Operational Exceptions 128. Managing and Tracking Project Control Items 139. APMS 14Revision Log 15Appendices 16Approval 1. IntroductionInsert text here.1.1 PurposeInsert text here.1.2 In ScopeInsert text here.1.3 Out of scopeInsert text here.1.4 Intended audienceInsert text here.2. Roles and responsibilities for Maintenance and Support of2.1 Service levelsThe maintenance and support of the application is organized into three (3) tiers. Below is a brief summary of each of those tiers. The next section describes the roles and responsibilities involved in each of the tiers.The first tier of support is the ITMB Help desk responsible to:Open and log alerts and issues.Forward information toThe second tier of support is IMG. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:Oracle database support.Software configuration and release management.Ongoing quality assurance for deliverables.The third tier of application support isResponsibilities include:Provide guidance and technical knowledge transfer to the Ministry's Information Management Group (IMG) RepresentativesAll maintenance and enhancements to application.Review problem reports, system changes and new requirements, in order to answer questions, ensure feasibility and provide cost estimates.Core Hours for Application Support:Insert text here.Expected Service Level Response Times:Priority 1 Emergency Fix services:Non Emergency Services:Please refer to the Problem Response, Resolution and Escalation Procedures document for key directions, expectations, and policies that guide process and procedures to support the Ministry Application Development Environment.2.2 Roles and ResponsibilitiesThe table below identifies the roles and responsibilities involved in ensuring proper application operation, maintenance and support.

3. Release Planning ProcessInsert text here.4. Back up and recoveryBackup and recovery is a standard service provided by the ITMB.



Designer repository

File system on LAN

5. Application...

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