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Service Level Management Defintions / Slm Do's & Don't"S / Implementation / Why Slm ?

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ContentsINTRODUCTIONSERVICE LEVEL MANAGEMENT (SLM)TOOL OF SERVICE LEVEL MANAGEMENT:THE DEVELOPMENT OF SERVICE LEVEL MANAGEMENT:SERVICE SYSTEM LAYERS:SLM DO'S:SLM DON'T"S:IMPLEMENTATION OF SLMIntroduction.Findings / Reflections.Costs: SLM a continuous process.WHY SLM?RESOURCES.IntroductionFor the "Total Quality Management" presentation we have found a new quality control system in Information Technology is called "Service Level Management". The topic seemed interesting to us and when one of our team members "Guy" is working on it we have found that this is the great chance to know this Service Level Management by working on it with him for the class presentation.Service-level management, including quality of service, service-level agreements, and service assurance, is a hot topic in IT circles. One study by Enterprise Management Associates found that 21% of the IT managers interviewed couldn't even define service level management, which shows that is a new management in IT. But this Service level management is spreading within all the service organizations.Service level management (SLM) was also a hot topic in the late 1970s. At that time, IT was looking for a way to manage user expectations, justify the cost of data processing and show what a good job it was doing.At the latest count Enterprise Management Associates found that over 100 companies claim to have Service Level Management product offerings. There are large, long-time vendors like BMC, Computer Associates, IBM/Tivoli and Hewlett-Packard. The midsize vendors include Concord, Desktalk, Luminate and Micromuse. And finally there are a large number of start-ups, including Info Vista, Response Networks and FirstSense.The industry has started to understand distributed SLM and many products are currently here. With smart planning, careful tool selection and good communications between IT and users, SLM can be a key component to IT's successful role in running company's business.Service Level Management (SLM)"Service level management" (SLM) is the disciplined, proactive methodology and procedures used to ensure that adequate levels of service are delivered to all IT users in accordance with business priorities and at acceptable cost.- According to Sturm, Morris and Jander in Foundations of Service Level Management.Service Level Management is the process of improving IT, which is a tool of "Total Quality Management" for the IT sectors. SLM needs the "Strategic commitment" which is included employee involvement, technology, materials and methods to improve the quality of service.In another way we can call SLM as "Quality Function Deployment" because it always works with the voice of the customer. It goes to the "Six Sigma" for the highest quality and safety service. For the measurement of the service the seven quality tools are used such as control chart, pareto chart, cause-and-effect chart.There are six compelling reasons to establish a SLM discipline within a company or service...

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