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Service Description And Situational Analysis

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Service Description and Situational Analysis

C&T Learning is a literacy educational program designed to help children who are below their expected reading levels, for example a 5th grader who reads at a 2nd grade level. C&T Learning will provide a comprehensive learning analysis and approach to the ongoing problem continuing facing some children. The program includes, music, physical education, English, reading, writing, and math. C&T learning will follow an academic curriculum based on current trends to personal lifestyle of the children by encouraging them to read at home, and parents will be playing a critical role in achieving their goal of having every child reading at or above grade level by 2015.
Through its marketing strategies, C&T Learning will begin to determine necessary steps that must be taken in order to improve reading levels at the age of 3 and implement throughout high school if necessary. Programs will also be geared toward children with speech and language disabilities, who are far behind. Research shows that children who do not continue reading while at home can lose focus and the progress made during the school year is almost in vain. C&T will primarily focus on minority students through an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Once we establish the curriculum and support our infrastructure, C&T learning will widen out its concentration on promoting an academic after school and summer program. By offering a high level of service, C&T Learning will focus on the building blocks of reading such as phonics, phonemic awareness, oral comprehension and vocabulary. As we begin with the development of the program, C&T will hire experienced teachers and staff that fulfill both our needs and exceed our expectations for the change that charts the course every step of the way from your current day model of the learning program. We will establish some critical steps that must be followed: and creating educational programs to meet those issues and needs and communicating the impacts of those programs.

Education is the most important thing in our lives, and the best education starts with reading at an early age. Reading is so important for children because they need to use it to learn and identify words, make sentences in all other subjects. Without strong reading skills, children may struggle in math, science, social studies and even arts. C&T will develop a comprehensive program that will utilize audio-visual methods.

1. Develop C&T organizational mission statement

2. Conduct an overall learning assessment social / demographic including age, sex, family

size, nationality, income, education, race, religion.

3. Look for opportunities to draw on the experiences of our teachers and to work in

partnership with other learning programs on a joint education program to benefits the kids.

4. Develop and follow the U.S. Department of Education guidelines, with the assistance

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