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As a service learning project, I had proposed a semester long investigation into the feasibility of starting up a private, senior day centre on the west island of Montreal. I currently run a small business providing individual Therapeutic Recreation Programming to community dwelling or institutionalized senior and am interested in possibly taking it to another level, i.e. a community day centre. At this point in time, the legal form the business would take would be a sole proprietorship, although I am not adverse to a partnership or a cooperative venture. As part of this Service Learning project, I explored some existing services to small business (Appendix A), and also interviewed a ...view middle of the document...

I was equally disappointed with the Meet-up French language and culture group. I like to give everything at least three tries before I make a decision on its value to me, and this was no different. The sessions are facilitated by a young Francophone and group size, from the meetings I attended, ranged from 4 – 12 people. The average age was probably around 28, but I cannot be sure of that as I did not actually inquire as to participant’s ages!
I had hoped to improve both my conversational French and grammar, but, in the end, did not feel this to be the best way to do it. Most of the people in the three sessions I attended had mastery well below my level, so they were in no position to assist me, and the facilitator, from my perspective, seemed more interested in making romantic connections than in helping me with my French! All in all, I think I am improving my French more by the clients with whom I interact in my own business and the research participants with whom I work at the Jewish General Hospital.
My interview with Anne Archambault, founder of ReCreation +, and my work on a business plan,...

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