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Prior to working on the service learning project, I had to pass the basic income tax course on the IRS website which required a lot of reading. I failed the first attempt so I had to re-read the basic tax course again. I finally passed and was ready for my experience in the service learning project
I participate in the service learning project on March 3 and March 31. On March 3, I experience working on the service learning project for the first time. It took me a while to setup because of problems with the tablet. The first client was a man who was married with 6 kids ranging from 2 years old to 14 years old. When I started his tax return, he had tax forms and tax records from last year. ...view middle of the document...

This was easy because she had a part time job and there was no other tax information or deductions. I help her set up tax refund for electronic payment to her bank.

On March 31, I attended my second service learning project experience. My client was divorcee and grandmother. She came to the center because she had called the IRS because she was having problems with filing head of household. She had a Turbo Tax Account setup already. She had previously filed her 2013 tax information already. She was told by the IRS agent at the help desk to go to tax center for help with her 2013 tax return. When we enter her spouse’s information that is when she told me her husband no longer lives in household and was claiming the children and grandchildren as dependents. Even though she was divorced, she had to enter his tax information because they were separated several years and he does not live in the household. Since she is not claiming any dependents this year, she cannot file head of household status. This resolved her issue with the filing status she was picking at home. We completed here taxes and she was upset because she is only receiving little tax refund this year.

From my two days experience with the service learning project, I learned that there is lot of people who just file their income taxes but do not take advantage of the tax credits and deductions which could increase their refund or reduce how much they pay back the IRS. From my interactions with the clients they had little knowledge or did not know that they can claim additional credits and...

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