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Service Learning Research And Reflection Paper

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Each school, because of government mandate, has to provide services for exceptional students. The textbook Human Diversity in Education defines exceptional students as “those eligible for special educational services” (Cushner, McClelland & Safford, 2011). There are several categories for exceptional student but they all fall under the Ability/Disability continuum. Some of the categories for exceptional students are the: intellectually gifted, specific learning disability, emotionally handicapped, hearing impaired, visually impaired, mentally handicapped, and physically handicapped. In this paper the specific type of students that will be discussed, fall under the disabled side of the continuum. As one can see from the list above there are various types of disabilities that can affect students. One of the disabilities that affect many students in schools today is known as the Learning Disability (LD). Students with learning disabilities, also known as specific learning disabilities, tend to be of at least average intelligence. Of at least average intelligence is the key phrase. A learning disability is defined as “a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to receive, process, store, and respond to information” (National Center for Learning Disabilities,). Learning disabilities can affect students in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing and spelling, reasoning, and mathematics. A student that has a learning disability can at times suffer for a social anxiety. Though social anxiety can be something minor, for students with this disability 2011it can cause major problems. Their social anxiety is caused by fearing that they will not fit in because they are unable to understand or process the information as easily as the other students in the class. Social anxiety is a challenge because this can cause an even greater barrier between the student and their education. Another challenge that learning disabled students may face is that at times it can be paired up with another disability or maybe a disorder. An example can be a learning disabled student who also has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).When this occurs, like social anxiety, it creates barriers for the students when it comes to their ability to pay attention and learn in class. Teachers in the classroom need to be able to identify if students have a learning disorder, because learning disorders become more evident in an academic setting. If so the teacher then needs to speak to the parents and see if assessment can be run to find out if the child does suffer from a LD. In the classroom, a student with a learning disability may need things explained in a different way, or broken down in words or a way that they are able to process. The student may also need extra time to complete assignments. An example would be if a student has a reading disability they may next extra time to complete the assignment. Besides a conscientious teacher, and extra time in...

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