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Service Marketing Of Tourism Industry In Tasmania By Nick Hsu

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1.0 INTRODUCTIONTasmania is the smallest state of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is an island about 250 km (150 miles) south of the state of Victoria. The stretch of water between Victoria and Tasmania is Bass Strait. Also it is a place of wild and beautiful landscapes; friendly, welcoming people; a pleasant, temperate climate; wonderful wine and food; a rich history and a relaxed island lifestyle. There are many tourists coming to visit this place every year.The purpose of this project is to discuss the dynamics of marketing a tourism destination of Tasmania. As there are challenges coming up and Tasmania has the potential to growth on tourists rate. Again this project could provides the strategic direction and blue-print for action to improve the performance, competitiveness and structural efficiency of the tourism industry in Tasmania.2.0 KEY ISSUES AND CHALLENGESThe economic impact of tourism (Tasmania)Tourism is increasingly being viewed by many national and local governments as a mechanism to aid the regeneration of the ailing economies of industrial citiesThere is a prevailing perception among national and local governments that economic benefits accrue to tourism destinations, which then creates employment opportunities and stimulates the development process in resorts and localities. For the local population, it is often argued by proponents of tourism development, that investment in tourist and recreational facilities provides a positive contribution to the local economy. Such assumptions are not without their problems since tourists are not noted for their high levels of customer loyalty to tourism destinations and a number of features support this argument:l Tourism is a fickle industry, being highly seasonal and this has implications for investment and the type of employment created. Tourism employment is often characterised as being low skill, poorly paid, low status and lacking long-term stability;l The demand for tourism can easily be influenced by external factors (e.g. political unrest, unusual climatic and environmental conditions) which are beyond the control of destination areas.In fact Pearce (1989) argues that 'objectives and detailed evaluation of the economic impact of tourism can be a long and complicated task'. One immediate problem is that there is little agreement within the literature on what constitutes the tourism industry. As the sectors which are usually included under the heading of the tourism industry are:l Accommodationl Transportl Attractionsl The travel organisers sectorl Destination organisation sectorEven once a working definition has been agreed, isolating the flow of income in the local tourism economy is notoriously difficult. This is because it is difficult to attribute the proportion of tourist expenditure on services and goods in relation to the total pattern of expenditure by all users of the area (e.g. residents, workers and visitors). In practice, one is trying to identify the different forms...

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