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With this month's downing of MH17 and the March disappearance of MH370, it seems that if Malaysia Airlines didn't have bad luck, it wouldn't have any luck at all. Malaysia Airline's recent tragedies have indelibly stained the reputation of an airline that has one of the best safety records in the world. Until this year, Malaysia Airlines had experienced only two fatal accidents in 68 years of operation. In fact, the last 19 years have been fatality-free. And the airline regularly receives stellar marks for service and comfort from airline ratings agency Skytrax.The issue has been aggravated with the loss of consumer confidence compounding the company's ongoing financial troubles. It is incredibly rare for two catastrophic events to happen to the same airline in such a short period of time, but that's how things shape up when things are not going your way.In crisis management, they call it the "black swan" - an event that is extremely rare but has enormous consequences. As major revival plans are considered for Malaysia Airlines after its second "black swan" in four months, it can regain the trust of passengers by service recovery of these service failures. The airline was losing money even before the disappearance of MH370 in March, but the shooting down of MH17 over eastern Ukraine has caused an unparalleled blow and taken it into unchartered territory. Now it's expected only drastic measures will be able to secure the survival of the troubled airline, with turnaround options tipped to be presented this week. Their inept response to the first failure (MH 370) brought a storm of criticism from family members and the public. Spokespeople gave out inconsistent or late bulletins; families received painful news via text message.Key problems that were there which needed to be addressed for a good service recovery are:Problem #1: CultureMalaysian's culture and religion are different from traditional western culture and religion. Their language also includes a mix of Malay, Mandarin Chinese and English.Press release issued by Malaysia AirlinesProblem: Joint Information Centers (JICs)When your corporation has to share the stage, microphone and crisis with government agencies, often all parties agree to set up a Joint Information Center (JIC). Often, the government agencies want to take the lead and usually corporations are too willing to let the investigating agencies bear the burden of the media interviews. This usually happens because the corporation has failed to write a good crisis communications plan, they have failed to train their spokesmen, and they have failed to hold annual crisis communications drills. Due to their failures-all of which could have been avoided-they capitulate to government agencies, praying the government agencies have good spokesmenSolution: You have an obligation to media train your spokesmen to the highest level so they can hold their own in a news conference.. Regular press conferences should be given for updates.. Grief...

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