Service Status And Client Satisfaction: Cases Of Multiple Providers Of Agricultural Extension Service In Bangladesh

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Customer satisfaction survey has captured prominent interest in measuring program quality and outcome in recent years. Stratified random sampling method was employed to sort 318 respondents and was interviewed face to face with the purpose of exploring client satisfaction in four separate aspects namely service content, service method, agent’s behavior and overall. To see service status this study was complemented with formal and informal interviews, focus group discussions, case studies and other related publications. Client expressed more satisfaction with service content and agent’s behavior compared to extension method and overall extension service. Ordered Logistic Model (OLM) revealed that age, education, type of contact, use of communication media and mean service gap have significant association with overall satisfaction with agricultural extension service. Overall findings suggested pluralism, decentralization, alternative funding strategies, increased logistic support, political commitment, etc for uplifting status of extension service in Bangladesh.
Key words: Agricultural extension, service status, Client satisfaction, multiple providers,
1.1 Introduction
Bangladesh has achieved splendid progress in production of food grains over the last few decades (Beintema & Kabir, 2006; World Bank, 2005, 2003; Ahmad & Ahmed, 2002). Since 1971 rice production in Bangladesh has boost up from 10 million metric ton to over 32 million metric ton today (FAO, 2011). As referred by Agricultural Information Service (AIS) Total production of cereal crops has climbed up to 37.3 million metric tons and Bangladesh quit importing rice from international market (AIS, 2013).
General agreement among majority of officials in public agricultural extension body Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) is that they are one of the central actors of this achievement. However, empirical evidence is scarce supporting this statement. Rather Chawdhury and Gilbert, 1996 argued that contribution of agricultural extension is mainly circumstantial. However review of number of studies confirm that extension programs in Bangladesh are chronically suffering from several problems like appropriate technology, linkage between research and extension, technical training, extension training, organization, coordination, mobility, equipment and teaching aids (Reyner and Bruening, 1996). Agricultural extension services in Bangladesh do not work agreeably and many farmers hardly ever received agricultural extension service (Haq, 2004, 2011; Porimol et al., 2008; Daily Star, 2008). Nevertheless agricultural extension in Bangladesh is too top down and less farmer driven where large and medium farmers remain in the locus of extension...

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