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Services Essay

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"Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price" Freedman (as cited in Stambor 2010) This quote truly exemplifies the service industry today. In order for a business to be truly successful, regardless whether it is a service or physical product, requires excellent customer service to give them that competitive edge. Great customer service would mean more business, loyal customers and free advertising as satisfied customers spread the news of a business's service (Kerr n.d.).An excellent example of a great service encounter would be the restaurant, El Cerdo. A restaurant in general is classified as it is people processing where tangible acts is directed at people's bodies according to Lovelock's Classification. At El Cerdo, it is a high contact service as a waiter or waitress is assigned to very few tables and there is frequent contact between customers and the service staff as dishes is served dish by dish with constant enquiries on the quality of food. Although this is a high contact service, the level of involvement is only moderate, as customers only need to provide certain information such as the food that they want to eat and the payment at the end of the meal.According to Wirtz, Chew and Lovelock (2012), service quality is defined as "high standard of performance that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations". And El Cerdo has provided high service quality because of their excellent customer service but also because of the ambience which they have created. Using several aspects of the servuction model coupled with the servqual model, we can analyze the reasons that El Cerdo is so successful. Firstly, in terms of their service setting, El Cerdo provided a great servicescape or tangibles by having a great ambience. To make it more tangible, things such as chairs and table are customary in making it look like a restaurant. However, in order to make it great, El Cerdo provided a dimly-lit dining room to make it cozier for customers as well as decorating their place with the theme of the very thing their famous for, which is the pig. They are dedicated to their theme by even having glass door handles in the shape of a Mona Lisa pig tile as well as glass cases filled with various pig paraphernalia.Furthermore, other customers also helped in providing a great atmosphere. This is because although it was packed with customers, everyone had small chats and provided a up beat mood without it being noisy. It also helped that many other customers there were celebrating their birthdays and so you would always hear the singing of the special " Happy Birthday" song by El Cerdo staff as they crowded around that table. This uplifted our mood as it also fitted with the purpose of us dining there which was to celebrate my mother's birthday.Besides that, the contact personnel such as the waiters and hostess were also essential in making the service encounter great. From the start, once you enter the restaurant, a hostess would...

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