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Services And Amenities Offered: The Ritz Carlton V. Best Western

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Amenities, location, packages, rates, special offers - just a few of the many factors that are considered when choosing the functions of a hotel. I was very curious to see how different types of hotels differ in what they offer, how they offer it, and where they offer it. These services are extremely significant because they are what define a hotel. They define what type of guests they are targeting, what type of hotel they want to be perceived as, and what level of service they want to deliver to their guests. The impression of the hotel left on the guest is essential for the success of the hotel. The idea of adding amenities to keep up with competition or getting creative with services offered is not new. The Journal of Retail & Leisure Property mentioned that starting in the 1970’s, “hotels and resorts tried to gain market share from their competitors by increasing amenities in the guest rooms.” The services and amenities have always been a factor when deciding what approach to take when trying to find the most success. By comparing an average 2-3 star hotel with a 5-star hotel, I was able to gain a better understanding of the different services offered in hotels and the different expectations that certain guests have in their stay.
First I looked at the services of a Best Western hotel. There are so many Best Westerns across the country, but they all have about a 2-3 star rating. I chose a couple random hotels and looked at what they had to offer. This isn’t the case with all locations, but many Best Westerns offer complimentary breakfast, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, pools, hot tubs, airport shuttles, and fitness centers. These are just some of the basic amenities listed on their website. Many of the locations offer specials discounts and rates. They’ve teamed up with different companies and agencies and offer special deals to members. They actually had an entire page on their website devoted to listing all of the different types of discounts or promotions you can receive when booking your stay. Best Westerns also offer packages such as a hotel, car, and flight package. These packages can be a huge convenience to some guests. They also offer member rewards programs, which can be very beneficial to frequent travelers. On their website, they offer some basic travel tips to help guests prepare for their stay at the hotel. These are just some of the services an average 2-3 star hotel will offer. After evaluating the types of amenities they offer, I got a pretty good idea of the type of guests they are targeting. Best Western is most likely interested in targeting middle-class business travelers and families. They are most interested in giving someone a place to sleep for a night, rather than providing their guests with a luxurious getaway.
Next, I looked at the services and amenities offered at a 5-star hotel. I chose the Ritz-Carlton, and I looked at a few of the locations in the United States. They have a variety of locations in the...

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