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Services And Products Essay

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The vegetarians are people who don’t eat all kinds of fish, meat, chicken, egg and the dairy products and they eat more from grain, fruits and vegetables groups. And other products from other groups which doesn’t contain any kind the animals products. That’s because of many reasons such as, the religious, health reasons, their beliefs, ethical reasons and environmental reasons. The vegetarians are divided to many kinds. For example, the vegan who doesn’t eat meat, fish, chicken, egg, dairy and honey, the lacto vegetarians who doesn’t eat fish, chicken and meat but they eats the dairy products, the ovo-vegetarians who only eats the egg, lacto-ovoid vegetarians who only eats the ...view middle of the document...

My friend Sara decides to become a vegetarian so she asked me if she will be able to get enough protein in her diet or not. To start, I think she will, because we can get the protein from several sources not only from the animal’s products. That protein can found in other foods such as beans, nuts, legumes, oatmeal, dark green and deep yellow vegetables and bread. Moreover, protein is divided to two kinds. First, the complete protein which is the food that has all of the essential acids, for example, meat, cheese, egg, milk and soy. Second, the incomplete protein which is the food that doesn’t contain enough of the essential acids. For instance, the legumes, grains and nuts. The complete protein food is possible for Sara to eat it because she is vegetarian except the soy. However, she can eat incomplete protein food, but she have to eat two of incomplete proteins to get one complete protein, for example eating bread with legume.
Furthermore, protein is important and Sara should get enough of it for many reasons. The first reason is that the protein help in growing and development, also it maintains the body functions. Moreover, the second reason is protein provides for our bodies the energy, so we need to eat food which contains it to give us energy to move and work. Third, protein works with the immune system in protecting the body from the infection and diseases. Fourth, it works in making the hormones. Fifth reason, it works in transporting some substances through the blood.
Other nutrients
Furthermore, Sara should be conceder about the other nutrients in her diet, which are the lipids, vitamins and minerals. The reason why Sara should be conceder about the all nutrients in her diet that our bodies need to use all of this 6 nutrients because they maintenance our bodies health and we need them to live. And as we know that the micronutrients which are the protein, carbohydrate and fat are providing energy for the body, and the macronutrients which are the vitamin and minerals are working on regulating the body functions.
The lipid is made of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen, and as we learned that we can get the fat by two ways, from the food and the body can make it. There are two kinds of fat, the saturated fats and the unsaturated fats. Furthermore, there are many reasons makes the lipids important for our bodies. For instance, the first reason is it has a delicious taste. Second, it provides energy. Third, it help in growth. Fourth, it helps in absorbing some kinds of vitamins. And many other reasons.
Saturated fat
The saturated fat is totally came from the animals, that’s why the vegetarian can’t eat it. And we need the saturated fat for many interests like it help in making the cells, it work with the immune system to protect the body, it protect the digestive system and a lot of other interests. Moreover, we can get the saturated fats from the food and the body also can make them, so the vegetarian doesn’t has problem with...

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