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Services In Kanpur Essay

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Kanpur has come a long way, as compared to other cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in terms of catering to the needs of its citizens. Be it the need of having some really world class hospitals or the need of the younger generation to work hard during the day time and party harder at night, all sorts of needs have been duly noted, and thus fulfilled by Kanpur Development Authority, and other government authorities. With a rise in shopping complexes, the shopaholics are being served, and with the establishment of NGOs, Police Stations, Education Institutions, Leisure Centers, etc, Kanpur aims at becoming a self sustaining city.

Health Services in Kanpur
Health is of the utmost importance in today’s world, and Kanpur knows that. Hence, the district comprises of several multipurpose and dedicated hospitals, both private and government-operated. A few of them are, Abha Nursing Home, Anurag Hospital and Research Centre, Bhargava Hospital, CL Memorial Hospital Maternity Home, City Hospital, Kanpur Trauma and Ortho Centre, Kanpur Urology Centre, Khairabad Eey Hospital & Mahendra Eye Research Centre, and Madhuraj Nursing Home, and various others. Kanpur has some of the country’s best doctors and world class medical instruments, to treat the patients.
Banking Services in Kanpur
Being the industrial capital of the state, banks see Kanpur as a hot piece of cake; hence, the establishment of big private and public sector banks is obvious. At present, the operating banking institutions in Kanpur are, SBI, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC, Syndicate Bank, IDBI Bank, Bank Of Baroda, Yes Bank, PNB, Kotak Mahindra Bank, IndusInd Bank, Citi Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce and Union Bank of India. The city has large number of ATMs to facilitate the ‘any-time’ cash flow.

Fire Services and Bomb Disposal Squad in Kanpur
With one fire station each at GT Road, Fazal Ganj, Colonel Ganj, and Latouche Road, Kanpur’s Fire Services remain ready to be dispatched 24x7, for all 365 days. The bomb disposal squad in Kanpur is quite professional and expert in diffusing bombs, as can be seen from their very recent action at Kanpur Railway station, on Jan 22, 2013.
Municipal Services in Kanpur
To make sure 22.55 lacs citizens aren’t bugged by the day-to-day up-keeping of the city, Kanpur Municipal Corporation takes in charge, and performs efficiently. The activities or tasks under KMC include, collecting all types of household taxes, creating and maintain a system for birth and death certificates, sewer system of the city, and cleansing the city of industrial as well as residential waste. The headquarters of KMC are located in the Nawab Ganj area of the city. Of recently, KMC has upped a level in terms of governance, by making many of its services available online.

NGOs in Kanpur
Like any other city, Kanpur too has numerous activists working for the welfare of the society, through NGOs. Of all the 100+ NGOs registered in Kanpur, a majority of them are dedicated to women and child...

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