Serving In The Army: An Outline

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Thesis: Serving in the Army is an important part of society because it ensures the freedom and safety that is provided for Americans.
I. The United States Army dates back to June of 1775, and originally was called the Continental Army.
A. The Army is the oldest branch of the United States Military.
B. The Army is the largest branch of the United States Military.
C. The U.S. Army was officially created on June 3, 1784.
a. The U.S. Army took over the role of the Continental Army after the Revolutionary War was over.
b. The Continental Army Was responsible for fighting in the Revolutionary War because the United States was not established yet.
D. The Army was created to provide defense and freedom from other nations. (Defy Expectations)
E. In the poem, “Army Hymn” Oliver Holmes says that soldiers in war are making great sacrifices for those who they are fighting for. (Holmes)
II. An easy way for a person to become successful in the Army is by entering the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program at a college or university.
A. Through ROTC programs, cadets learn what it takes to become an officer in the army.
a. Once an ROTC cadet graduates, he/she will be deployed as an officer, which is a higher rank than enlisting into the army.
b. “The job of officers are to lead troops in combat operations, Serve as supervisors and managers of enlisted personnel, operate and control armored vehicles, and serve as professionals for the military in a variety of different fields” (Special Forces).
c. While participating in ROTC the cadets will also receive a regular college education and major in their field of choice.
B. Another more competitive form of schooling for those seeking an Army Career, is applying at the United States Military Academy at West Point, also referred to as USMA or West Point. (United States Military Academy)
a. West Point offers a four year curriculum, with the addition of some specialized education on military subjects.
b. Because of the competition for the acceptance into the United States Military Academy at West Point, a majority of the cadets enrolled there have been appointed by a member of the U.S. Senate or House or Representatives.
C. After graduation, soldiers should expect to spend twelve to eighteen months attending specialty and specific training courses in their career. (Military Education)
III. While war is occurring, a lot of government money is spent on supporting the war funds.
A. While there no war activity the army downsizes and less government money is spent on war efforts and funds.
B. A soldiers pay depends on their rank, and number of years served.
a. Soldiers who serve overseas receive and additional pay for their overseas duty.
b. If a Soldier serves for ten years then retires, they receive a half pension of what their salary was while on active duty.
c. If a soldier serves for twenty years then retires, they receive a full pension of what their salary was while on active...

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