Serving In The United States Military

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Serving the United States Military comes with many responsibilities as well as pressure and accountability. However, the military isn’t for everyone, but it offers so much for those who serve. One thing that must be known and dealt with is that this career could be a life threatening one, and there are many obstacles one must go through beforehand.
Joining the military isn’t all about wanting to carry a weapon or looking good in a uniform it’s about everyone doing their job to their best trained abilities. There are many reasons for joining the armed forces. Protection of the country, loved ones, and rights of the citizens are all included. Some have never been a part of something bigger than themselves and it’s great for someone to be part of a team that does everything right and to their best ability for the good of their people. However, there are also reasons that help the one joining as well.
The military is in fact a career so of course pay, benefits, and respect all come with the job if earned. When enlisted into the military, the starting pay will be $1516.20 a month but ranges all the way to $5617.50 a month depending on the rank of the soldier. Officers on the other hand are paid $2811.60 a month ranging all the way to 15,913.20 a month. (Statistics) Members also receive deductions on insurances and the GI Bill as well which will help the member or the offspring of that member to attend a university without charge. This goes to show that the military takes care of its veterans in ways that some might need it the most. Insurance and education are very expensive and that’s why the military does help in those departments. How easy is it to join? Well it can be very easy for others as well as very difficult if not impossible for many.
In order to join the military there are many loops and hoops you must go through and some are quite uncomfortable others not quite so. First of all, basic requirements must be met such as, age, certain level of education, aptitude, physical and character requirements. One must be the age of 18 to enlist alone but 17 year olds must have their parents’ consent. A high school diploma must have been earned as well as being a United States Citizen. Certain qualities such as mental preparedness, physical fitness, and readiness are all qualities a member must have to be successful. These qualities will help keep the member mentally stable and be able to handle stressful situations as well as be ready to report for any military assignment. The last but most definitely not least requirement is passing of the ASVAB test. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is an academic, timed test meant to gauge the ability to learn a new profession usually made available to all high school juniors. The score received on the ASVAB is the percentage of the people that the test taker has done better on the test than. For example, scoring a 61 would mean the test taker was more successful on the test than 61%...

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