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For many years, people have thought that the way to help developing countries is by providing foreign aid, but they neglect to understand that without development assistance little change will be done. Frequently I have thought, “If countries pay billions of dollars each year to help third world countries or countries with recent disasters, why are there still millions of children dying of malnutrition and starvation? Why are there people without homes?” Today I stand here, as the leader of a new organization that wants to build on the idea that there can be a better world. A new organization that will strive to create this better world, and lead its development into a self-sustaining nation.
In reality, the majority of developing countries face certain challenges that delay them from stimulating and sustaining economic growth. Some of these challenges include high poverty level, poor infrastructure, high unemployment, weak government institutions, and poor knowledge among others. This issue has grown worldwide despite the help of progressed countries. Some contributing countries argue that most of the foreign aid goes to serve its intended purpose, ignoring the result of their help.
In an article published by CATO, James Bovard comments that “ Giving some Third World governments perpetual assistance is about as humanitarian as giving an alcoholic the key to a brewery” and I believe he is right. Some third world countries depend on the aid they receive each year. A recent article in The Telegraph discussed how some countries like Zimbabwe are dependent on foreign aid for important necessities such as school supplies, because they spend all their capital assets on less important segments. Financial aid will stay a “crutch” to many third world countries; they will continue to lean on it and stay leaning on it. But this disregards the purpose of a crutch, which is meant to be support in a moment of weakness until one gets the strength to stand up alone....

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