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Five grueling days a week, three hours a day for four years! That's what it seemed like when training for the Volleyball Team. When I wasn't playing for the school, it was straight to Club Volleyball to stay in shape and gain more experience. From spring through early summer it would be both training camps plus maintaining good grades! How did I ever survive?I love being with the team, learning to play as a team and supporting one another. I would not change a thing in these past four years of Volleyball. I learned valuable lessons like how to be responsible and work hard till the very end. Although I was not a starter of the volleyball team, I was counted on for substitutions and ready for the challenge. I also learned that the mind is very strong. If you keep pushing yourself to say, "I can do it", it can be accomplished. My coaches instilled this in me and I know it will carry me through my journey in life.Why do we have to help with the community? We're only children! This was my first thought during my freshman year at Pearl City High School. Little did I realize my mother had involved us in community service from a very young age. Whether it was participating in the March of Dimes Walk, helping clean & decorate the church or volunteering at St. Francis Hospice, I was participating while dangling from Mom. But not clinging to the stroller any longer, the time came for me to rise to the occasion and help out.I remember one of my first community projects was to volunteer at one of our public school's after school A-plus program. I had already known that I enjoyed being around little children. I was always the one playing with my little cousins at gatherings. I was so excited knowing I would be working with "little one's" and thought I would show them a good time, be a good listener and maybe read a book or two.After the first hour had pasted, I knew I would never want to do this for a living! I don't know whether to admire the Leaders or wonder if they really know what they are doing and why in the world would they...

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1151 words - 5 pages Methodist Church and serve a position as a youth member but also hold such a position at the Prospect United Methodist Church where a majority of my community service has taken place. Every Thursday at 6:00pm there is a dinner held for the less fortunate at Prospect Church. My job there can be either cleaning, cooking, serving, or entertaining. This service project gives me the most joy and has taken a major role in my new found understanding of


597 words - 3 pages projects. My volunteerism has been particularly focused on providing the essentials of food and education to those less privileged. Being located close to urban Richmond presents an opportunity to continue my passion for serving the community, and connecting with a body of people greater than the university itself. Programs such as the “Hunger Coalition”, “Build It”, and the hands on “Alternative Breaks” caught my eye as being impactful and

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1126 words - 5 pages service throughout the community every semester, while maintaining a consistent appearance on the Illinois State Dean’s List. Following my freshmen year, I applied for and was accepted into the honors program after seeking more intense interaction and application of the material I was learning in the classroom. Throughout my junior year and currently in my senior year, I have taken on leadership roles such as serving on my department’s advisory board

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1298 words - 5 pages people.Community service means much more to me than completing hours for a class or for a more appealing résumé. It builds character, leadership, and integrity. It transforms regular humans in to leaders and more passionate citizens. Community service also stands as a foundation builder to become a more caring person. It opens up to many opportunities that can carry a very long way throughout your life. Serving my community is another

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651 words - 3 pages school teacher and i remember being there with her on sundays assisting her in small things like handing out papers and grading them. I really enjoyed it and decided that serving in my community was something i wanted to continue. Now, I currently do service in Saint John’s Soup Kitchen. I very much enjoy my service there, its so fulfilling to be able to help those in need. I realized through this service that not everyone is as fortunate as we are


938 words - 4 pages long and lucrative career combining two things I love: helping others and art. I would like for humanitarian work to play a major role in my career, both within and away from my business endeavors. I want to prove that one can be a business leader and a humanitarian simultaneously without sacrificing the dignity of either. A volunteering opportunity that I partake in throughout the year is serving at the Helping in His Name Food Pantry in

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