Set: A Treacherous, Powerful God Essay

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The god whose power is superior than many other gods and the general of the Egyptian army, Set. He is the god of chaos, deserts, storms, illness, and foreigners and he was believed as one of the strongest gods in Ancient Egypt. It has the head of an animal like no other in this world, the Set Animal. The animal has a face of an aardvark, jackal and a donkey. He is also a cunning and vicious warrior. While also being the grandson and the second commander-in-chief of Ra (the sun-god and the king of all gods)’s army.
Set was not like some gods who created themselves out of nothingness. Set was given life by the gods Nut (Mother) and Geb (Father), the Sky and Earth. Set was one of the four children that were born. The legend of how Set and the four others were born was a famous one. Before the five powers were born, Ra was the king. He was the one and only king. And also a year in the Egyptian calendar is only 360 days. Then the god of wisdom, Thoth, told Ra of a prophecy that the children of his daughter, Nut, will overthrow him. Ra was furious and scared because Thoth’s prophecies are always correct. Ra was the king and his order was law. He made a curse that debars Nut to give birth on any days of the 360-day-year. Thoth was friends with Nut so he was also sad with Nut. But Thoth came up with a plan. He played a game of gamble with the moon-god Khonsu. Every time Thoth wins, he gains some moonlight from the moon-god. Khonsu was very good at gambling but Thoth was the god of wisdom so Thoth always wins. Thoth gains enough moonlight to make five new days for the five children. Now each year have 365 days. Back then, the moon was able to shine fully every day. But Thoth took the moonlight to make five new days so the moon only has enough power to be full moon once a month. After the five children were born, Ra was furious. He made the order that separated the Sky (Nut) and the Earth (Geb) so they can never be together. That’s why the Sky and the Earth are separated.
Before Ra withdrew to the heavens, Ra would ride his Sun chariot across the skies. While that time, a creature of chaos, Apophis the Serpent was his enemy. He despised the gods and their creations and loathed everything. While Ra rides his Sun Chariot, he requires protection from Apophis. Set being the strongest in all the gods lead the army to slaughter the serpent. Set holds immense power. His rank is a general in Ra’s army and can fight Apophis almost one-on-one battle. Set is famous for many of his deeds but what he is most famous of is killing his brother Osiris.
When Osiris achieved the status king of all Egypt and overthrew Ra, Set was jealous. It was because Set was the general of Ra’s militia and he thought he merit to be king. He felt condescended. So one day, he made a GRANDE feast and invited lots of gods. He especially invited Osiris to come. He made a big impressive sepulcher with professional and vivid engravings and everything. All the gods were clearly overwhelmed....

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