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Set And Costume Design For A Midsummer Night's Dream By William Shakespeare

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Set and Costume Design for A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

Elizabethans were extremely conscious of the parallels between human
life and the natural world and I believe that the natural world, often
perceived to be well-balanced and harmonious is an example to the
human world as similarly it can also suffer discord and unrest.
Evidently, the woods demonstrate several factors as although a place
of mystery, magic and action in which the fairies feel at home this
contrasts with the dangerous, wild place in which humans feel
threatened and lonely. Thus, I would describe the woods to be a place
of great beauty as well as an area of potential danger.

Creating a distinct fairy world, I would choose the fairies, ‘
Peaseblossom, cobweb, moth and mustardseed’, loyal followers of
Titania to be professional ballet dancers in order to ensure that they
move delicately and flowing and I would use the rhythm of their dance
to signify the mood of the woods. Stereotypically, ballet dancers are
graceful and attractive and this side to the fairies would symbolise
the charm and beauty of the woods. I would choose them to wear a
short, elegant dress made out of floral print fabric to demonstrate a
sense of natural and earthly presence with some chiffon netting over
the top of this conveying their delicacy as chiffon is a smooth
fabric. The colours of their dresses should be different shades of
pinks and purples as these colours emphasize beauty and exquisiteness
and don’t have a harsh tone to them. I would also choose them to wear
delicate glittery silver and gold wings to portray a sense of
perfection and worth. The material of the wings should be a fleece
fabric in gold and silver with a very soft texture and on top netting
in the same colour to give the wings different layers. In order to
contrast this demonstrating the more dangerous, mystical form of the
woods and the natural world I would have their faces to look more
unusual and mysterious using exaggerated make-up in dark colours such
as browns, greens, blacks and blues. Their facial expression should
also be stern and severe; reflecting that although the woods may
appear to be innocent and pure actually, underneath they contains much
danger and trepidation.

Titania, passionate and stunning, I believe should wear a very
beautiful long, flowing dress reaching the floor made out of silk,
emphasizing her purity. The top half of the dress should incorporate
some figured polyester satin which would have printed butterflies on
representing her relation to delicate, natural creatures. Evidently,
Titania also has a more sensual side of her nature as the intimacy
which she treats Bottom with highlights the difference between his
“mortal grossness” and her delicate beauty. Demonstrating this, her
dress should be off the shoulders...

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