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Set Critique of Talk Radio, directed by David Overton The set of the production of Talk Radio creates a realistic view of a radio station and portrays the isolation of Barry Champlain. There are no set changes in this production and in fact there is little to be seen of a set. It is composed entirely of a desk with microphones and chairs. But that just helps the audience to step out and become part of the play as well as showing them some insight into the way Barry lives his life. The set for Talk Radio actually looks like a radio station. There is nothing that needs to be left up to your imagination. What you see is what you get. That helps to bring the audience into the production and make you feel like you are there. What adds to this effect tremendously is the fact that the production is presented to us in the round. This means that there are audience members on every side of the theatre. Some may wonder how this adds to the production. It adds to it because in many radio stations there is glass on all sides of the booths, therefore letting everyone see what is going on inside. Also, this means that the actors don't have to be too concerned about having their backs to you during the play. This makes helps you feel that instead of sitting in a theatre watching a play, you are there, inside the radio station, overhearing what is going on. I think that...

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