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April 5th, 2002Causes of World War I1)Nationalism?Biggest cause of the First World War?At the root of all problems-British Nationalism?German rival naval fleet prompts British to increase their own?Trade opposition (Germany)?Germany was producing more coal and steal than Britain & France together, makes the British mad?Britain's nationalism is due to their concern over Germany-Germany's Nationalism?Driven by their newfound confidence over becoming a big power?Ahead in trade; economics-France's Nationalism?As a loss of Alsace - Lorraine they decline economically while Germany grows?They are weakened by a brand new nation?They are very bitter?Bad history with Germany and Bismarck-Russian Nationalism?Access to warm water waterways (they need them)?Nationalism, expanding Russia under the umbrella of pan-Slavism (going into the Balkans)?Want to unite the Slavic peoples?Going into the Balkans would be profitable?Wanted Balkans so this put them into direct conflict with Austria-Hungary because they also wanted it too.-Austria-Hungary Nationalism?Conflict, over wanting to go into the Balkans with Russia?Having many different peoples in Austria-HungaryØItalians, Germans, Slavs, Poles, etc.?Fed on a fear for an empire break-up?Looking for more territories because they had lost so much?Heightened tension in the Balkans-Italian Nationalism?When Italy gained Venetia Rome and the rest she didn't get all the ones she wanted?Italians were still bitter that ½ the population of Austria-Hungary was not German/Magar?Italy was bitter over the Italian states Austria-Hungary still controlledItaly sided with Austria-Hungary for one day over the territories they wanted and the threat of France attacking Italy. Italy sided with Austria-Hungary because of what they needed and who was the bigger threat. They joined the other side when Britain came into the war. At that time Austria-Hungary was the lesser of two evils. When the other side was winning Italy switched immediately, over the prospect of gaining the states they wanted. It was a weak alliance to begin with between Austria-Hungary and Italy.April 6th, 2002Acute Nationalism-Do not have any international organizations to go into hotspots and mediate-They couldn't see all the problems and where they hotspots were-Great emotional desire for independence and political independence on the part of sovereign nations-Balkan's experiencing acute tension because of the Austria-Hungarian interest in the Balkans?Austria-Hungary wants the Balkans?Serbia wants to be independent?Fierce nationalismAustria-Hungary (prior)-12 million Germans-10 million Magyars (Hungarians)-21 million Slavs, Italians, Romania-In Serbia there was a strong nationalistic militant group who was very interested in the "Pan-Slavism" movement-Pan Slavism?Nationalist movement for the political and cultural solidity of all Slavic peoples.?It originated in Russia to promote their nationalism?Russia considered themselves the "protector" of the...

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Causes Of World War I Essay

8564 words - 34 pages trace the full impact of each. James Joll?s book is based on concentric circles with the assassination starting of and each of the chapters dealing with only one of the factors he believes contributed to the cause of the war. The Origins of World War I, 1871 ? 1914, by Remak is a good book for a person who would like a factual timeline of the causes, but The Origins of the First World War by Joll is essential source of information to study the causes

Causes Of World War I Essay

828 words - 3 pages contributed to problems between nations in Europe. Militarism resulted from improvements in technology that aided the advancement of warfare, which allowed Europe to compete for security. Imperialism proved vital to each nation, if the people of the homeland were to be well supported. Nationalism resulted from the high expectations people and society placed on their own nation and its military. All of these factors led to hostility so immense in Europe that war was imminent, and the stage for World War I was set.

Causes of World War I

591 words - 2 pages The major powers that involved in World War I perhaps did sense that they were on the brink of incalculable catastrophe, but the more they tried to prevent the war, the closer they got to it. It all began with alliances. Russia felt it needed to protect its Slavic friend Serbia and began to mobilize, feeling it had no other choice. Yet Germany took this as a declaration of war and declared war on Russia. France became allied to Russia, both of

Causes of World War I

1518 words - 6 pages Causes of World War IIRealism in briefAccording to the Realist Paradigm-IR is a struggle for power by nation states. States protect their self-interest or national interest through the acquisition of power and maximize power through weapons accumulation and building up alliances.A) Goal of state remains national survival in a hostile environment (anarchy).B) The acquisition of power is the means to the end of survival.C) Sovereignty means states

Causes of World War I

647 words - 3 pages What were the main causes of WWI? The Great War is known for its great deal of casualties, and also for its complex initiation. There have been numerous arguments about what actually caused the world war, however there has never been a conclusion that everyone accepts. Before 1930, most historians agreed that the first world war was initiated by Germany, and Germany's rapid expansion. After 1930, historians started to look back at events

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829 words - 3 pages Britain put American public opinion on the sides of the Allies. Trade between the US and the Central Powers also shrank giving another reason it was hard to remain neutral. Adding to that was the fact that exports to the Allies nearly quadrupled and ties between them became closer.In 1915 the British passenger liner, the Lusitania was sunk supposedly by German U-Boats, pissing many people off. Most Americans considered this grounds for war. Wilson

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1439 words - 6 pages be sat on a chairin front of a mirror and the nurse will be walking around clearing things up. Juliet will ask the nurse quite forcibly who Romeo is, and when the nurse tells her that he is a Montague, she will act shocked and downhearted that she has fallen in love with her only enemy in the world. She will use contradictive language (ie "My only love sprung from my only hate") to further enhance the mood of despair. The scene will finally end

Unerlying causes of World War I

767 words - 4 pages World war I was known as the “War to end all wars,” because of the horrors that it brought to Europe and its surrounding nations. Fifteen million people will die during these horrific four years. People were not aware of how horrific the events of war were because a major war had not occurred in over one-hundred years, and that took a toll on everyone involved with the war. The underlying causes of World War I could have been prevented. There

Underlying Causes of World War I

916 words - 4 pages SGO Essay: Underlying Causes of World War I It may seem like wars start abruptly, with little cause, but usually there is a bigger story. New policies, lack of equality, military influence, and too much government involvement usually stir up the peace initially. These turn the country or area into a ‘powder keg’, ready to explode into war at the smallest spark. Although the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand was the spark of World

Causes and Ramifications of World War I

1162 words - 5 pages World War I possessed a plethora of causes and ramifications to its introduction and its culmination. To examine such significance, we must dissect the historical circumstances that resulted in the war, such as nationalism, militarism, and so forth. Second, we will identify people of significance and all of their relations in the matter. In addition, we will look into U.S. involvement within the war and the inquiry as to the delay of moving in

The Causes of World War I

2597 words - 10 pages The First World War had many causes; the historians probably have notyet discovered and discussed all of them so there might be more causesthan what we know now. The spark of the Great War was theassassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the throne ofAustria-Hungary, and his wife by a Serbian nationalist on the morningof June 28, 1914, while traveling in a motorcade through Sarajevo, thecapital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The

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965 words - 4 pages Kayla Zerger Guyars AP Euro 19 March 2014 Causes of World War I “Fighting for your country is the greatest honor a man could have”, never before World War I was this statement so widely spoken. World War I changed the way wars were fought. It changed the way wars were in general. Nationalism, the want to fight for your country was truly a heavy cause of World War one, everybody wanted to do the right and upstanding, honorable thing. With that

Causes Of World War I Essay

1334 words - 6 pages World War I was a war that started in 1914 and ended in 1918. During this war, nearly 3,400,000 soldiers were killed. The main countries that were involved were Russia, France, Britain, and eventually the U.S.A. against Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Although many causes can be traced back to starting the war, political factors were the main cause of the war. Other factors that also contributed to the war were geographical, economic, and

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2327 words - 9 pages War I sweeping across Europe on the eve of World War I which contributed to the start of the war. These conflicts had plagued Europe for years and made a large-scale European war unavoidable. Although the direct cause of World War I was the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, long term causes such as the political instability of Europe, rivalries and alliances between countries, and the conflict between large empires and nationalism

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1165 words - 5 pages Throughout history, there have been several conflicts that have disturbed the peace in various areas. One of these gruesome events happens to be World War I, which was evoked by many different causes. The most significant and immediate causes of this catastrophe was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie. Numerous nations were involved in this war, and two examples of opposing forces are Germany and Russia. World War