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Set Up Multiple Design Sales Structure.

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*Set up Multiple Design sales structureOriginally, Whistler has geographic-based sales structure among different region, such as North American, Europe, and Asia. And each region has its own sales manager to be responsibility to all sales stuff. It is including selling all product lines and training new sales person. However, it is too heavy for a sole manager to monitor all sales process and performance, and it also reduces the efficient of communication between the salesperson and sales manager. As the result, the whole sales would be decreased by lacking efficient management function. By this point, we suggest Whistler to use Multiple Design structure. Besides regional division, it also can set up different product and customer division under the regional head office, and assign different managers to control different division. Therefore, salesperson in each division can have close attention and full assistance by division managers.The advantage of this alternative solution is increasing the efficient of communication between low-level salesperson and manager. Also, division managers can focus their all attention in their own divisions, not other product line or customers. Moreover, each division managers can provide more specific training and job definition to their salesperson, and get the feedback from salesperson directly.However, there are some disadvantages of this alternative solution. The cost of setting up more division and managers will be the first problem for this solution. Obviously, the company will spend more money to support extra division and managers. Also, salesperson may be confused or competitive each other among different division. For example, the salespersons from "student" and "summer activities" division may target the same customers in the same time. That will waste time and money to compete each other among the different divisions.*Establish complete customer database and networkIn previous years, most customers of Whistler are coming by...

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