Start Up Of A New Christian Based Business

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With the startup of our new business comes many different emotions; excitement, anticipation, and nervousness. What will the future hold for us and how can we build the foundation to be a sustainable business. In thinking through these things, we have to ask ourselves what our challenges will be. There are three challenges that we believe we will face here in our first year of business. As a Christian based company in the janitorial business we believe some of our biggest challenges will be eliminating skills gaps, meeting the need for lifelong individual learning, and addressing ethical issues and dilemmas in an effective manner.
Many of the 300 people we will be hiring will be associates out in the field conducting the service of janitorial work. Understanding the service we will be providing, we know most of the workforce we are going to hire will not be highly educated. Therefore, we have to find ways to eliminate skills gaps. One of our initiatives will be to reach out to local high schools that offer school-to-work transition programs, and education systems that cater to students ready to enter the workforce after high school. We feel in doing so, many arithmetic or mathematical challenges that our employees may have, these programs should be able to compensate for these disabilities.
We also understand the need for lifelong learning. We want to develop our employees which will help them grow with us as we grow down the road. In our business of cleaning and janitorial work, we will have people running heavy machinery and electric powered machines. We will be establishing a developmental program using two things, multimedia learning centers using kiosks, and sending people to hands-on seminars that our dealers and suppliers put on to show employees the in and out of the machines they will be operating. We understand people learn differently and we feel by implementing these two approaches we will be successful in aiding the long term education of our workforce (Werner, 2009).
Our final concern is one that every company has to handle carefully; ethical dilemmas. Although our company will be based on Christian principles, we still want to hire people from all cultural backgrounds, races, and religions. We believe this can present a challenge because many people in the surrounding area will be pulling from may have never been around people with different background. One of the things to address is issues that establish our Christian values. This will set expectations for our first week of training to help people who have not been exposed to diversity and to help them understand each culture better. As HRD, I will also be working with a team to establish a Code of Conduct and Ethics for our business that will lay out these expectations for our employees. This code will be the foundation of establishing diversity in our workplace, as well as setting us up to be a successful and moral place to work.
Employee training is one of the most...

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