Seti I: Bringer Of Renaissance? Essay

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Seti I: Bringer of Renaissance? The ambitions of Seti I was to restore Egypt's former glory, aiming to achieve this through emulating Thutmose III's military strategies and Amenhoptep III's building feats. 'Bringer of Renaissance' was one of the Two Goddess attributes that Seti I held as a part of his title, and he fulfilled this epithet by creating masterful art forms and architecture. Although Seti's works did not have the enormous scale of this son Ramesses' II's, the delicacy and sophistication in attention to detail was amongst the best in the history of ancient Egypt."Renaissance", which can be interpreted as "rebirth", essentially takes the meaning of "revival of art and architecture". Seti I undertook various building projects during his reign. The temple of Osiris at Abydos is one of the best examples of Seti I's achievements. It was constructed of fine quality white limestone and took an unusual L-shape instead of the normal rectangular shape. The main gods it was there for were Osiris, Isis, and Horus. However the push for promoting more than one supreme god, as it was in the dynasty before, is seen here from sections dedicated to Amun of Thebes, Ptah of Memphis, and Re-Horaktet of Heliopolis.The relief work that exists on the walls of this temple has been observed to be equaling the greatness achieved by Amenhoptep III. There are various scenes and rooms depicting offerings to the various gods, displaying skillful workmanship. Also in this temple, Seti created a long listing of all the Kings of Egypt. This list was selective, in that he left out the names of the ones that he perceived irrelevant. The significance of this is that as a pharaoh of no royal ancestry, he wished to establish himself as being just as fitting as his predecessors were. Building of temples and other monuments worked towards Seti's goal of fulfilling the...

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