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Why Should I set my goals?
Saying I’m going to have $5 million by retirement is not goal setting. Although it might sound like I have a goal, not developing a realistic path toward fulfilling it will, unfortunately, turn my supposed goal into what it really is--a pipe dream. And pipe dreams are rarely realized. Goals, however, when properly set can usually be met.

Goal setting is the term commonly given for the process of setting and working towards specific, defined goals. Pretty simple really. What is difficult, however, is getting people to sit down and actually do it, even though it fits with human nature. When we want to go on a trip, we look at a map and plan our route. If we get lost, we recheck our map. When we want to build a model, we orderly follow the steps. When all is done, our human nature wins out: we reach our destination, and the model is correctly built.

By learning the skills of goal setting, developing success habits, and maintaining a goal-setting routine we can have the map to success. A map that will guide us straight to the achievement of all the goals we desire and deserve.

Where Do I Start
I started by getting it into my mind that I deserve success /complete my certification, and that success is something I can achieve. I have a strong belief that I can reach this success, and prepared to determine the path towards that success.

I am willing to accept that I can finish the certification, and I'll enjoy being successful, and I am willing to establish and work on an exhilarating, enjoyable, and rewarding path to my goals, and feel confident that I’ll reach my goal. So, here I am ready to draw the map of my success.

Defining My Objectives
In Dec of 2004, I made up my mind to complete college degree by the end of 2006.
It was a brave and bold objective, perhaps one of the most difficult considering the other responsibilities that I have to shoulder for example, full-time work,...

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