Setting Realistic Holiday Expectations Essay

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Everyone has holiday expectations and dreams of the perfect Thanksgiving, a magical Christmas and a prosperous New Year. While these expectations are what most strive for, it is not always how these occasions happen. Setting realistic expectations that leave room for mishaps that may occur will perhaps save you from suffering undue disappointments.

There is nothing wrong with planning for a perfect holiday, but when things do not go as planned it can be devastating for some. Couples who are experiencing their first Thanksgiving together is a perfect example. To begin with, preparing the first Thanksgiving meal for everyone in the family is stressful enough, but if something does not turn out as planned, it can reduce a person to tears. The same goes for a single parent whose finances are now limited. Knowing that your children are expecting as much, if not more than what they got for Christmas in the past is stressful and disheartening knowing that you cannot possibly grant their wishes.

Because of the economic situation, it has put many in a bind for the holidays. Some are without jobs and are unemployed, and this definitely puts a strain on the festivities and diminishes many holiday expectations. However, if you view the situation as inevitable and accept the fact that there is nothing you can do about it, it could possibly relieve some of the pressure that you are feeling.

Everyone has expectations for the holidays when it comes to family. In any event, expecting a child to make it home from college, or a son or daughter and their spouse and perhaps the grandchildren to...

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