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Setting Up A Curfew Law For Teens

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Setting a curfew for teens and young adults under the age of eighteen is very helpful in keeping teens off the streets as night when most crime occurs. Having this as law will give the parents the peace of mind that their children aren’t out roaming around town at night. I agree that this is not going to stop people from breaking the law just because you are restricting them from a certain time of the day. Setting this curfew will help law enforcement to single out the people who are breaking the law any way because it is not going to stop them from being out when they are not supposed to be. A curfew law is considered a “Status offence” meaning it is illegal when a minor commits it but is not illegal when an adult commits the crime. (Protection or Punishment)
Most crime occurs during the night hours because it is known that it is easier to get away when no one is watching. A lot of teen crime happens between 11:00pm and 3:00am. Setting up a curfew that takes place during those times or even later on in the night will keep children off the streets where bad things can take place. Drug deals and robbery mostly take place during the night because it is easier to hide from the police. It has been proven that if curfew laws are enforced constantly it will reduce juvenile crimes. (Bodenhamer) I strongly believe that if there is a curfew put in place the crime rates will decrease more than ever. The law abiding citizens are going to always abide by the law but the ones who break the law are going to break the law. Curfew laws are not set for people who are obeying the law, but for those that have careless parents and attitudes. These people being the ones who are already breaking the laws. (Bodenhamer)
Doing drugs, burglaries, and many other say teen delinquencies are all capable of being made during the day. I agree that just because they set a curfew it is not going to stop most from breaking the law if that is already what they do and are going to continue doing. It is possible for children and teens to do drugs during the day time hour but it is just least likely because it is easier to get caught. People opposed to curfews argue that it is unjust and takes over how parents bring up their children as they choose. They say this because it will require an adult to accompany their children to outside activities. They say this is...

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