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Setting Up A Private Practice For Counseling.

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Assignment 1.Discuss the planning and setting up of a practice for counselling.1.1. THE PLANNING FUNCTIONThe Planning function is the starting point and the laying of the practice foundations when setting up your own practice. Planning is the aspect of general management in which we determine in advance what we want to achieve, and how to achieve it. Objectives must be drawn up and a systematic plan formulated. Planning must be realistic and flexible.1.1.2 What is meant by planning?Planning is the aspect of general management in which we determine in advance what we want to achieve, and how to achieve it. Objectives must be drawn up and a systematic plan formulated. Planning must be realistic as well as flexible. To ensure that planning is realistic, you need information. It is impossible for any practice or business to exist in total isolation, it is impossible for it to grow and exist if factors such as the consumer and his/her needs, competition and prevailing economic and political conditions are not taken into consideration.In order to be successful, it is important for any practice to be in constant contact with the market environment, to be aware of consumer needs and to monitor the activities of its competitors! To ensure the practice planning to be realistic, one need to gather information from the environmentENVIRONMENTMICRO ENVIRONMENTMARKET ENVIRONMENTMACRO ENVIRONMENTObjectivesInteraction between EconomicRulesYou/immediate environment SocialRegulations= clients & needs EcologicalBudgetReferralsPoliticalDecisions Creditors(Not directStructureCompetitorsinfluential)1.2 THE THREE ASPECTS OF PLANNING A PRACTICEWhile planning the establishment of a new practice one need to decide what the main objective and the secondary objectives of the business are. The main objective will determine the direction of the practice. The main objective of human science practices us to deliver a service.1.2.1 Long-term PlanningBroad guidelines are drawn up for the development of a business strategy to reflect the mission of the practice. Time frame stretches from 3-- 10 years.1.2.2 Medium-term PlanningDerives from long-term planning but is aimed more specifically at the business activities over a period of 1 - 3 years. An individual plan is drawn up for every section of the practice1.2.3 Short-term PlanningThis is the planning of your daily carrying out of instructions, giving of instructions to certain people according to the set objectives and stretches over not more than a one year period.Furthermore, one must also decide what resources will be used. Resources are very important in any practice or business. Especially when running your own practice, one needs to rely on external sources e.g. colleagues, your mentors (Bible School, University etc.), psychologists, medical doctors, social workers and last but not least your bank manager for financial support should it proof necessary now or in the future..1.3 THE EIGHT DIFFERENT STEPS OF PLANNING A...

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