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Setting Up Controls In A Manufacturing Business

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MR Etherington, you have approached me to help you review the way in which the manufacturing business is controlled which you have recently purchased as it has been experiencing financial problems due to lack of controls. Therefore, I will help you explain how you should set up good accounting controls in order to avoid future financial problems. I will also explain how to implement an effective control environment by taking into account of things to consider before establishing one, as well as discussing and providing advice on the functions, controls and threats in regards to the expenditure cycle. At the end of my discussion you will know why having controls is an important business objective, and know how to tackle threats that can arise in three activities of the expenditure cycle.

A control environment is defined whereby ‘competent people understand their responsibilities, the limits of their authority, and are knowledgeable, mindful and committed to doing what is right and doing it the right way’ (UCLA. N.d). Therefore, MR Etherington, in relation to your company, all your employees must understand what is expected from them and have a good understanding of their own position to enhance their performance. With that being said, for employees to understand this, you need to make sure that your management team establishes an effective control environment and take into considerations of the things necessary when trying to establish one.

By far and more importantly, a management philosophy in the business will have to established (Romney and Steinbart, 2012), meaning that a set philosophy and an appropriate operating culture is to be in place, which is in line with the company’s strategy. This will enable your employees to clearly understand what is required from them. I advise that it would be best if you create an effective and efficient operating culture as it will positively encourage your employees to work together towards the overall objective of the business. You should make sure that your philosophies are communicated clearly to your employees without any delay as you want to ensure that they are working towards the overall business...

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