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Setting Up Laws For Cyberbullying Essay

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“I don’t know why everybody hates me so much. But maybe I do because now I hate me too. Right now, I don’t see the reason for trying, or for talking, or for breathing. I’m just done” (“Cyberbully”). Scary words, right? These few sentences from the movie Cyberbully could be someone’s last few words. Cyberbullying is the inappropriate use of electronic communication to bully a person through text messages, rumors, pictures, fake profiles etc. on social networking sites. Cyberbullying should have specific laws against it. If all abuse is illegal and against the laws, then why is cyberbullying not? Cyberbullying is equivalent to the effects of traditional bullying because it causes pain, whether emotional or physical. This nation can decide upon many punishments to hand over to the bully. Cyberbullying should be considered a criminal offense because it may potentially lead to injustice for bullied individuals, emotional and psychological pain, and worst of all self-harm or suicide.
Initially, some people may say that justice is not necessarily required for cyberbullied individuals because “if simply being a jerk was a criminal offense, [then] we would need many more prisons than the hundreds we already have” (Butler 1). However if no actions are taken to suspend cyberbullying then injustice for cyberbullied ones will keep increasing. The Pledge of Allegiance specifically mentions “with liberty and justice for all” but yet no justice for the cyberbullied individuals. Cyberbullying is not about ‘simply being a jerk’ because if it were, many teens would not be depressed , drop out of schools, misuse drugs, or harm themselves. To give justice to the victims having prisons are not necessary for the perpetrators. The society can come up multitudes of other punishments. A huge abundant of teens have become the prey of cyberbulling and majority achieve no justice. It is so “baffl[ing] that...Washington D.C. still does not recognize the haunting reality [and its tragic results] of cyberbullying in the United States” (Hwang 2). It is absolutely crucial to cease injustice towards cyerbullying and criminalize it not just for today’s generation but for the upcoming generations as well.
Subsequently, cyberbullying causes emotional and psychological distress that drastically effects the cyberbullied victims. Sometimes “the stress of dealing with [cyber]bullying can cause [them] to feel like the situation is more then [what] they can handle” (Gordon 1). It becomes overwhelming for the individual and causes fear amongst themselves. It feels like cyberbullying is everywhere to them because it invades their home through computers or cell phones and makes them feel usafe. No one would want their child to not feel safe in their...

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