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In literature, authors often provide insight about human nature. Authors use many different techniques and methods to get the audience to understand how human nature works and why, based off their beliefs. But it is the reader’s job to figure out what the author is trying to convey to the reader about human nature. After reading both “I Only Came to Use the Phone” and Lord of the Flies, and examining to what extent both author’s use literature techniques, one realizes that Golding is more effective at conveying the influence of isolation on humans, through decay of setting, characters, and abuse of power.
There are many examples of how Golding is more effective at portraying the affects of isolation on human nature through setting than Garcia. In the short story “I Only Came to Use the Phone”, Garcia Marquez describes the sanatorium as a “…cobbled courtyard of an enormous, gloomy building…” (Marquez 72). This is how Maria sees the building as she first arrives, thus the audience doesn’t see the deterioration of the building happening overtime. Marquez does not further mention the condition of the building on the outside or inside physically, he only mentions the things that take place inside with the people. While Golding on the other hand focuses on the change of setting throughout Lord of the Flies and follows the decomposition of the island throughout the story. When the boys first arrive on the island they notice things on the island as “…fading pink” (Golding 16). But as the isolation takes a larger toll on the children, the reader notices a change in the island setting. Now the island becomes full of “red walls” (Golding 107). Not only does this show the decay of the island, but also the loss of innocence in the boys. Pink is assumed to be an innocent color, while red represents evil.
Golding use of setting is superior to that of Marquez. In the story, “I Only Came to Use the Phone”, Marquez does not talk about Maria’s history to great extent, other than the fact “she had deserted three different men…” (Marquez 78). The audience is not sure if her mental health is depreciating due to the fact of isolation, or if she was already that way before she arrived at the asylum. Therefore, Garcia does not effectively show the reader the cause of her mental decay. In contrast, Golding shows the progression of dehumanization that the remote setting causes. He sets up the boys as still being civilized when they arrive on the island. But the longer they are isolated, the more decay takes place. When they first arrive, Golding puts great emphasis on the fact that the boys’ hair is kept short and neat. As the boys spend extensive time on the island, they have “…hair much too long…” (Golding 120).
Through the portrayal of change and dehumanization that takes place in characters of both stories, Golding’s portrayal gets his perception of the extent that isolation has on humans. While characters in I Only Came to Use the Phone are corrupt and dehumanized,...

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