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The objective of the creative project is to familiarize with the aspects of mise-en-scene by means of implementing them in a practical form. The creative project two will showcase how certain degree of changes made with respect to features of mise-en-scene can bring about a differentiation in genre and scenic atmosphere without any alterations brought about in the script. Following aspects such as settings, props, décor, actors, lighting, costume, makeup, space, time, and focusing on the rules that bind these commandments together, effort will be made to bring across authenticity in describing the genres as well as in the creation of scenic atmospheres.

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There will be a drastic change in the physical gestures as well as the voice of the actors according to the scenario they will be put into. The lighting techniques used in the scenarios shall differ, while on one set the cinematographer and director shall play along with low-key lighting, the other scenarios base shall be that of natural light or hard light. The filters that shall be used in the scenarios shall only be set once the script is complete. There shall be a difference in décor, as both these scenarios will not be correlated. The same can be said about the costumes. The placement of the camera, the amalgamation of the type of shots required shall further help provide scenic realism and help derive a desired emotion. The goal is to understand these elements better by further research and practice.

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John Gibbs mentions mise-en-scene to be contents within a frame and the way they are organized (Gibbs, 2002). Settings and sets are the most fundamental features of mise-en-scene (Corrigan, 2004). Tim Corrigan describes the term setting as a fictional or real place in which the action of the scene takes place and defines sets as a setting of a studio sound stage. He also mentions that both these components can be a product of a combination of elements that are natural and constructed. David Bordwell, mentions that settings can play a more vital role with respect to the...

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