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It is always useful to have some negotiation strategies planned out and to outline the manner in which the talks are to take place. Even so negotiation behaviour can be a critical factor to the success of the negotiation. “Negotiation behaviour is shaped by a complex set of factors, include personality, cultural values and emotions” (Osman-Gani and Tan, 2002, p. 822). Emotions and tempers can often run high during negotiations. All mankind have emotions, even so as Fromm (2004) explains emotions can help us understand differences and find resolutions to complex situations.

Emotions assist us understand and deal with the issues and factors around us. People continually analysis events to determine if they are personally relevant. For example abortion debates and euthanasia; each of the parties involve have strong feelings that hinders the finding of a resolution. It can be seen in how individuals’ self-perception about themselves. Each party involve have their own values and perception which generates strong emotions about these issue.
Discussion of Issues

People need emotions, this maybe the feeling of having being treated fairly, achievement recognitions, or sense of belonging (Fromm 2004). Lets use the following example to illustrate this, Bert has been wanting to purchase a car for his wife for quite some time. One day he walked passed a car dealer and saw the exact car he wanted with a price tag of $4500. He then went home and told his wife who agrees by saying, “Base on our current financial circumstances, maximum amount you should spent is $4300”. Next day Bret went to the car dealer and asked to test-drive the car. Bret offered $4000 for the car and the dealer sealed the deal. Is Bert happy with the deal? After all Bert purchased the car to a lower price then what he was willing to pay. But two things are of concern, first is Bret wondered what was wrong with the car and the fact that the dealer accepted Bret’s offer quickly made Bret suspicious. Secondly is that Bret wondered if he had gotten a good deal. This example demonstrates that it is possible for a person to get what he wanted yet still be uncertain.

Emotions are part the intangible needs in negotiation (Fromm, 2004), and we always want to feel we have gotten a good deal. We want to be listened to and feel our opinions and concerns are valid. On the other hand a negotiation that doesn’t take these into consideration is more likely to not succeed when it is time to implement the agreement.

Emotions have the potential to play a positive or negative role depending on a variety of circumstances (Kopelman, Rosette & Thompson 2006). The decision of whether to settle or pursuits based on emotional factors is entirely up to the negotiation team however it is important to realize that there are times when emotion can overcome logic when it comes to making the final decision taking into accounts the “emotional rewards” that can be offered. ...

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