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Negotiation is a crucial part of society. Negotiation entwines itself in today's society down to the day-to-day minutiae. Different strategies exist for diverse individuals and scenarios. Two articles show the diversity of negotiation. The first article, "Fate of Detroit's Big 3 will trickle down" (Kirk, 2008), examines the three automobile industry giants, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors and its negotiations with the United States government to receive a bailout. The second article, "Saudi Oil Tanker Owners in Negotiations with Pirates (Update1)"  (Bloomberg, LLP, 2010), shows the negotiations between the oil tanker owners and the pirates that have taken over the oil tanker. Only one of the diverse negotiations used in the two articles could be used in a health care workplace.

Big Three Article

The negotiation strategies used by the Big Three automakers to influence the US government is to use pressure tactics, reason, and to play upon the sympathy of the government. The Big Three have collaborated together to negotiate with the US government to convince the government that they deserve a $25 billion loan. According to the article (2008), Tom Barenboim, president of Clark Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge of Methuen, MA, states that if the loan is denied, millions of jobs could be lost. The Big Three use this information to play on the sympathies of the government. The Big Three also show how the denial of the loan would not only affect The Big Three but would also have a ripple effect on external businesses and outlying businesses of The Big Three. Layoffs from closures of factories, auto dealerships, and corporate headquarters would affect the economy tremendously because those laid off would no longer be able to support the lifestyle they had when working and would not be able to support their families. Many areas of businesses such as grocery stores, clothing stores, even healthcare would be affected. Families and individuals could potentially lose their insurance if the main worker was laid off. The negotiations use reasoning and a plea to the government's humanity side to persuade the point to the government.

The Pirate Article

The owners of the Saudi oil tanker, Sirius Star, had to negotiate with unscrupulous, crude, and unethical pirates to get their tanker back plus the $110 million worth of oil that was on the tanker. The pirates can strong-arm the owners as a negotiating tactic because this was a violent and hostile takeover. The pirates have everything to gain whereas the owners have everything to lose including loss of life and loss of the owner's livelihood. This gives the pirates most of the bargaining power. The owners do have some leverage as they have British Royal Navy and the French Navy that have been dealing with other pirates who have been taking other boats hostage as well. The navies have experience with negotiating with...

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